Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies for free, can you really get it?

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Bitcoin is a virtual currency or cryptocurrency, an intangible and digital payment method that you cannot have in a physical form (generally) but that you have surely heard about in recent years. A self-regulating payment unit for encrypted transactions. But how do you get it? Can we get free Bitcoin? There are some methods to have free cryptocurrencies but also problems, scams and scams that we must be aware of when doing so.

If you are curious about these intangible or digital currencies, there are ways to get them without paying for them. From mining to Airdrops or the faucets or taps, all the options there are to get them without spending money if you want to start having your own cryptocurrencies, whether or not they are Bitcoin.

How to get cryptocurrencies

The usual methods to get bitcoins are two: buy them or make exchanges or mine cryptocurrencies. They can be purchased through specialized pages with virtual currencies in which we pay with transfer or with PayPal and we get some cryptocurrencies in exchange, for example. Or in physical stores where you can buy or sell in Spain and that have been appearing in a large number of provinces throughout the national territory.

Beyond buying bitcoins or any other currency, we can mine them. This is usually the most common way and it used to be the main one. But cryptocurrency mining does not imply buying but it does imply other expenses. For example, spending on energy and hardware powerful enough that it will cost us money. Although in the next paragraphs we will see how they can be achieved without paying for them directly and other alternatives. You can get them for free or, at least, without paying.

Free gifts and cryptocurrencies

There are some different methods to get free cryptocurrencies although it does not mean that they are going to give them to you but that you will not have to exchange them for money. From “mining”, which involves different costs in consumption and hardware, to websites where you can get them just by watching a video.


Mining cryptocurrencies is one of the methods to get them but it is free with nuances. You do not have to pay with them but there is a cost. Mining is done by solving mathematical calculations but automatically. You lend your computer so that the rP2P edes do calculations and seal the different blocks. Each bitcoin transaction is part of a block and each block with transactions has to be sealed. This is done through computers that perform mathematical calculations, but those computers must always be on, connected, consuming. This implies two things: a great power and a good performance but also a great consumption of electricity to be able to carry it out.

To mine we do not have to pay, but we must bear in mind that there are extra costs that we must assume and on which the effort depends on: the cost of the equipment, the price of light and energy consumption, refrigeration. In addition, other aspects such as competition, profitability at that time or the currency that we have chosen before also influence to achieve profitability.



Another method to get bitcoins without paying is Airdrops, one of the best ways to get any cryptocurrency for free. What Airdrops do is give away bitcoins and other cash. To what end? To obtain visibility, media attention- For doing something, as a prize, for free, you receive cryptocurrencies in return. For example, following some accounts on social networks, tweeting about a company or brand or a project, sharing on Instagram some content of the brand or company that is going to give it to you

You may be able to get free bitcoins through wallets to store them. They offer a number of free tokens or cryptocurrencies to any user who joins their clientele and thus they manage to reach the maximum possible. The same thing happens in wallets or purses as a “prize” for having a quantity in storage. In exchange for you having it in your purse, they will give you something in return, for example.


How to use Airdrops

The website is specialized in these types of techniques or awards and you can find the ones that are available. In addition, it allows us to filter according to the requirements that are necessary such as Telegram, Twitter, email, Facebook or Bitcointalk. Once you select the requirements you can find the ones that are available. Inside each of them you will see a step by step guide or the details of that exchange, the maximum number of participants, the website.


Cryptocurrency faucet or faucets

Another option to get them at no cost is to use a faucet. The first of them was in 2010 created by Gavin ANdreesen and offered five bitcoins per person. But today, more than ten years later, these systems have already changed and improved. Although they maintain the essence: you must comply with a series of “missions” to get a reward. It could be playing a game sort out a captcha code, fulfill simple tasks … In return, you get something. The difference with the Airdrops is that the previous ones give bitcoins or ethereum or any other to achieve success or popularity or visibility but these taps or faucets work as an exchange where you do something and receive something in return.

We generally must accomplish very easy tasks cHow to see an ad or solve a captcha. Of course, they usually have the condition of not being able to do it all the time but that we must wait a few minutes from one task to another. There are also other more complex ones that do not involve just watch an ad Instead, you have to watch a full video, fill out a survey. Normally the complexity is usually linked to the reward: the more difficult, the better reward we receive- Most are free and free but one of their main risks is that we can see advertisements false, advertising or malware that is hidden in these cryptocurrency taps and that can pose a risk. We can suffer phishing attacks after use, for example.

Some of them are Cointiply, for example, where you have to enter an email address and register to start completing: you have to watch ads, watch videos or play games. Another common is FreeBitcoin which, as its name suggests, also offers us Free bitcoin if we sign up and we follow the different steps and options that the web page is offering us.


Problems and risks

Get free bitcoin or trying has its drawbacks, its problems. For example, the number of scams or scams that we can find on the Internet and that can steal our data or take our money, for example.

Environmental impact

The mining It is a way to get Bitcoin but it has its drawbacks and one of them is the environmental impact of the process to get all kinds of cryptocurrencies. To be able to mine we need a powerful team working to the maximum, as we have explained before. This implies a high electricity consumption in addition to the greenhouse effect derived from always maintaining chilled the bedroom where it is: it is almost mandatory to use air conditioning to maintain a good temperature that counteracts the operation of a computer by mining at maximum performance.

According a study by the Center for Financial Alternatives at the University of Cambridge, the energy used worldwide for bitcoin mining is 140.25 terawatt-hours per year. More than the complete consumption per year of countries like Ukraine or Sweden, for example.

Bitcoin impact

Free bitcoin scams and scams

Another of the main problems we find when getting free bitcoin is that we fall into scams Y scams frequent. Many users may get carried away by the fact of getting what everyone is talking about at no cost but this has grave consequences and we can fall into many scams with the well-known “paid recommendations” that we have discussed in previous paragraphs.

As we have explained, there are many exchanges or exchange houses that manage to give us cryptocurrencies but it is very common for there to be “fake exchange houses”. It will not happen to an expert in this, but to people who do not know anything about bitcoins and who want to jump on the boat by trusting any website. Free gifts are often one of the main scams and they work by asking users to tap on a certain link to visit that website in exchange for earning free bitcoins. But not only do you not earn them, but you will also end up being infected with malware or they can steal your data or even your money.

There are many examples and one of the most striking is from 2021 when an account posing as Elon musk on Twitter he wrote a link on the social network where he invited to “double bitcoins”: you would enter an amount and they would give you back double. A scam that caused you to lose thousands of dollars instead of doubling it.

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