Beware of this FedEx SMS in Spain: it’s a scam

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Beware of this FedEx SMS in Spain: it's a scam

One of the collateral effects of the confinement has been the increase in online purchases, which implies an increase in the number of packages received in many houses. Thus, it is very normal that we receive SMS and calls from messengers who have to deliver something to us.

Taking advantage of this circumstance, many scammers try to take advantage of users. The last scam detected by the Police of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in Spain, concerns the FedEx company.

Don’t open this FedEx SMS

Of course, the shipping company has nothing to do with the SMS that many users are receiving and inviting them to download the FedEx tracking application to locate their package.

Beware of this FedEx SMS in Spain: it's a scam 1

The scammers’ strategy is to make users install the application and access their mobile data from it. To do this, the FedEx website is emulated, although the reality is that it is a website designed for scams.

If we try to install the APK we will see what it asks us permissions to call, read contacts, access SMS …

Beware of this FedEx SMS in Spain: it's a scam 2

Image: Genbeta

Obviously, the best we can do is ignore those SMS and if our mobile has a black list, put in it the phone numbers from which they have come to prevent more from arriving, or other different scams from them.

As we always remind you, the best we can do in these cases is to look on the internet, on blogs and social networks, if there are people who have received the SMS, or if some authority has alerted them, as is the case.

In addition to that, we can look at whether the websites to which we are redirected have HTTPS or if there are spelling mistakes in the texts, elements that should make us distrust immediately.

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