Beta on Android for the end of April

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It is the name that has been put for the Android adaptation of this title, which has the same essence as the version for desktop consoles. Therefore, considering the technical limitations that mobile devices have, it is a title that will be specially designed for touchscreens with optimized controls to offer The best experience.

It is being developed by an in-house team created by Respawn Entertainment, a group of expert mobile game developers, although it is a collaborative effort with the Apex Legends parent team and other partners.

A free Battle Royale, but without cross-play

For the most skeptical, this game is a totally free to play that only has additional purchases for aesthetic elements. Its setting is purely futuristic, for the scenarios and the weapons, but it also has unique powers and abilities of its characters, which are quite a few. It has many similarities to Titanfall, without being the same, and that was also developed by Respawn under the mandate of EA.

Apex Legends Mobile, as with Apex Legends, will be completely free and will not include paid elements that provide competitive advantages. This version of Android that is not going to be a pay to win will have their own Battle Passes, collectible cosmetics and other unique unlockable items that will differ from what players can find on the PC and console versions of Battle Royale.

beta apex legends mobile

Regarding the cross game or crossplay, Respawn itself clarifies that since this version is being designed specifically for Android the so-called crossplay It wont be available with the PC or console versions of Apex Legends.

When will this Apex Legends Mobile be available?

Regarding its availability, the game will begin with a small testing phase for Android in India and the Philippines that will begin during the spring, specifically at the end of April. Little by little they will expand the size and add new regions and implement more playable elements. According to Respawn itself, when they are ready to expand their reach, they will launch a page that allows you to pre-register in the game and sign up to receive news about the betas.

It does not look like this phase lasts too long, since the objective is that the game can be launch in spring 2021, but only on Android. For iOS there will also be a version, but it will be launched more cautiously, especially with the feedback they receive from Android and the tests they carry out.