Best weapons in COD Mobile

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If you want to become an expert in the game, you must know what the best weapons and take advantage of the “meta.” Assault rifles, submachine guns, machine guns … There are more than 40 weapons available, and in this list we will tell you, separated by their different categories, which ones you must equip to climb the ranks more quickly.

Best assault rifles



It occupies the top 5 of the best weapons in the game. It is an improved version of the famous AK-47, as it is lighter and more manageable. It is a completely valid rifle for all situations, especially if we play the mode Battle royale. Its characteristics are quite balanced and although its 50 damage may seem scarce, the truth is that its mobility and cadence make it one of the first options to choose. And if you add accessories to it, especially a handle to improve recoil, prepare to take out all your enemies.



If you have ever played other CODs or more recently the FortniteSurely this weapon sounds like something to you. Popularly also known as SCAR-H, this season eight built-in assault rifle became one of the best thanks to its great damage and accuracy. The problem also comes in its setback, although there are always accessories to combat this problem. On the contrary, the damage is the highlight, and if you add the OTM accessory (same damage as if we hit the head) you will always end up at the top of the ranking.

Best submachine guns


aks 74u

Because of its robust appearance, it may seem more like a precision rifle, but the truth is that it is a submachine gun with many points in its favor. It is probably the best SMG in the game for its fast rate of fire and damage that has nothing to envy of any rifle. It is obtained very quickly as we move up in rank. In terms of its range, in close range it will be lethal against your enemies, also doing well in medium distance. With a few small improvements, it will be your best ally on small and medium maps.


pdw-57 cod mobile

Although it is one of the first submachine guns and the easiest to get in the game, it should not be underestimated. It inflicts a great amount of damage at close range, because with 3 bullets you can knock down any enemy. Its 50-round magazine is also a very highlight, so it will be quite easy for you to eliminate opponents. The problem is found in its scope, since at medium distance it is quite difficult to hit the bullets. Therefore, adding the red dot sight, stock and grip accessories will give you a truly fearsome weapon.

Best light machine guns


ul 736

This light machine gun deals a high amount of damage and has a more than acceptable rate of fire, so it will be very useful in medium and long range battles. However, its precision and mobility are quite limited, as it is a fairly heavy weapon. Therefore, you will need to apply accessories to better rotate and move around the map, such as a grip or a scope to aim better. The only thing you will not have to worry about in this category of weapons is the size of the magazine, although you can always add an enlarged one. It is unlocked at level 115, so you will have to spend quite a few hours if you want to get hold of it.



This weapon from the 1940s and 1950s is one of the deadliest in the game’s entire catalog. It is unlocked at level 19, and it is one of the best options to choose when we are starting to play. Damage and cadence are its highlights, so you will perform well in medium and long distances and add a large number of casualties. In addition, it will also be very useful to defend companions who are close to you, since it can offer a good covering fire. As in any machine gun, it will be difficult for you to move around the map due to its great weight.

Best shotguns



It’s probably the best shotgun in the game (and the most hated at the same time) for its impressive stats. It inflicts 70 damage, so with two shots we will have finished with any enemy and with a shot to the head will be enough. Its precision and mobility make it the best alternative for close range battles. To turn it into a full steamroller, we must apply the rapid fire accessory to increase its cadence and fire more quickly. It will be completely yours when you reach level 51.



This shotgun is a great option for Battle Royale mode, since it has good mobility and you can also kill your enemies with a single shot. Combine a large amount of damage and good precision, and it will be your ally on the smallest multiplayer maps. Its range is quite poor if we want to kill our enemies at long distances, but if you do it from medium range you will end up with anyone firing two bullets.

Best sniper rifles

DL Q33

dl q33

Snipers are the best option to kill enemies that are at long distance, since their damage and precision are quite high. This model has great statistics, with 82 damage and 62 precision, and you can equip it from the moment you start playing. Its only point against it is the low cadence, although this aspect is shared by all the weapons in this category. You can apply sight accessories or stabilizers to it, and even shield the bullets to turn it into a real killing machine.



Experts say he is the best sniper in the game. You can unlock it at level 28, so you will soon have one of the best weapons. It has great stats: 84 damage and 70 precision, a figure that will allow you to easily hit the target on any map regardless of its size. You can improve mobility by using handles and apply the butt to draw it and shoot before your enemies.

Best secondary weapons

J358 pistol


Pistols are a great option when we are close to danger. A revolver that deals 72 damage, accurate to 78, making it a deadly weapon when put in good hands. If you hit a large number of shots, you will quickly finish off any enemy. Of course, you must apply rapid fire to increase its cadence. In addition, its mobility and control of the weapon are very high, so you will have no problem adapting. It is available at level 62.



This rocket launcher deals a great deal of damage and goes really long distances. Its drawback is that it cannot be used against human targets, otherwise it would be too easy to kill them. On the contrary, you will be able to destroy enemy vehicles with great ease, although you will have to aim well and fast, since you will be completely exposed while you fix your objective. It is much more advisable to use it in multiplayer.