Best launcher to play Minecraft for free

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minecraft launcher

For you who are a Minecraft player and who are always looking to have fun with the video game at zero cost, we are going to gather a list of the best Minecraft launcher that there is during this year 2021. It will be fully updated to this year, so they should all work at full capacity. In addition, they will all be at zero cost, that is, they will not be premium launchers. We are going to give you some information about all these Minecraft launchers so that you can decide and then go on to download it.

It has been a long time since the 3D cubes video game was launched and year after year the community has reinvented itself. One of the ways has been with launchers, in order to play Minecraft with extras and more complete options. Many of these launchers never succeeded, others did for a short time and many others are still starting now since the video game is still very much alive. What there is no doubt is that the one who wins is the video game community, because whether or not we use this type of program that gives life to the game, we always have different options.

Best launcher to play Minecraft for free 1

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Therefore, you may want to try a new launcher or it is your first time and you are looking to start on the right foot. And we are going to help you to do so. In the end we are going to collect information on a few and give you all the experience and comments collected so that you can choose without any problem the one that best suits your way of playing. Without further ado, let’s go there with the list of Minecraft launchers.

Minecraft Launcher: which one to choose?

We are going to try to give you some variety but first we want to quickly explain what a launcher is. Because you may be a Minecraft player and don’t know what the topic is about, then you would be missing something interesting. There is nothing complicated about it.

In the end, a launcher is basically a program that starts or launches the video game, which runs it. What it does is gather all the files and resources that the game needs to start it so that you can start playing. It will check your username and password and after this it will load the version of the game. With this launcher you will have different mods, textures, plugins and extra addons that can change the game and even other layers. Ultimately you can change the game completely whether you decide to do so or not. That is why it is so basic that you choose the one you like the most. Now, we are going with the list of launchers for Minecraft.



It may be one one of the best known and probably the most used by the entire community. It offers many features that are very popular today, such as the possibility of configuring different mods, some skins and especially playing different (old) versions of Minecraft. As you start the launcher you will be able to find the home screen, see all the updates that have been launched for the 3D cubes video game (all ordered by version, you will find the one you want very easy) and all of them will have a link which you it will detail the changes that occurred in that version.

Best launcher to play Minecraft for free 3

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As in many of the launchers, its premium options are saved, and with TLauncher it was not going to be less. This extra paid version will give you access to animated layers among other things, but it is not necessary at all. If you do not subscribe to the paid version you will also have free access to different layers, skins, mods and we assure you that without paying a single Euro. That is probably why we have told you in the first sentence that it is the most sought after and played by the Minecraft community. It is recommended that you try it.

Launcher Fenix

Launcher Fenix

This launcher may not sound to you for Launcher Fenix ​​and it does for YoFénix. Basically it may sound like you because that last name, YoFénix is ​​the name of its creator and administrator. This Minecraft launcher will allow you to configure the video game a lot and above all what is most often interesting, You also have the ability to install layers, skins and mods.

Launcher Fénix offers you 3 access modes: paying for its premium service, without paying anything using its free version and with LauncherFénix user. Don’t worry about anything because from the launcher’s own website you can become a user and configure your entire character there. This launcher is widely used in the Minecraft communities of Mexico, Argentina, Spain and in general the Latin community of other countries.

Best launcher to play Minecraft for free 5

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This may also sound like another name to you, since it was previously called Keinett Launcher. This launcher has the characteristic that it works for PC and also for the Mac operating system. It is also possible to play previous versions on it. From 1.0 to the latest available, but it is that You will also have the alpha and beta available in addition to the snapshot versions. The latter is crazy if you are a video game enthusiast and want to see what it was like at that time.

It’s simple but it works perfectly and executes the game perfectly. It does not have many options available unlike the previous ones that offered you everything. Among its features is that you can change the language and a little more, at least until today that we are writing this article about Minecraft launchers. That is why we have left it here for you, because for us both Launcher Fénix and TLauncher are the best option. But you never know when you want something simple because the above has not worked for you.

We hope this article has been helpful to you and that from now on when you look for Minecraft launcher you are clear that there are a few very good ones that you can play in a matter of minutes. If you have any questions you can leave it below, in the comment box. We also support suggestions for more Minecraft launchers. See you in the next Android Help article.