Best class for the CR-1 assault rifle

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Table of Contents

An assault rifle that due to its balanced performance makes it one of the most demanded to use, whether we are a more or less experienced player. There is always the question of the accessories that we can mount on each weapon, so this tutorial serves to clear up that question.

Call of Duty®: Mobile

How to get weapons

If you come from games such as PUBG or Fortnite, it will not take you long to realize that here the weapon system works differently. Here you will not find chests, or anything like that. First of all is that you have to equip your weapons before starting the game. They will be the weapons you start with.

For get weapons there are two options:

  • Leveling up: reaching certain levels will unlock new weapons. These weapons are permanently unlocked, and they are the ones that you can equip before starting the games.
  • Of fallen enemies: When you kill an opponent, they drop their weapons, which you can pick up from the ground and use. These weapons are not kept at the end of the game.

All accessories to upgrade weapons

Once you have selected the equipment and a certain weapon, you will have access to a schematic menu of accessories. Keep in mind that you can only use five of the following:

  • Coupling
  • Cannon mouth
  • Canyon
  • Charger
  • Butt
  • Rear handle
  • Weapon skill
  • To be
  • Look

Can be done crazy changes that were never part of Call of Duty: MobileLike adding a sight to the J358 and transforming it into a sniper or even turning the AK117 into a submachine gun.

Features of the ICR-1 in COD Mobile

It is a rifle that produces a modest or moderate level of damage, much more contained than the M16, AK-47 or ASM10; although its recoil is minimal, which increases its precision considerably. It also has a good reload speed. Unlike the version of this weapon that we saw in COD: Black Ops 3, this edition has a higher cadence, an aspect to take into account when improving it.

  • Hurt: 40
  • Cadence: 60
  • Precision: 69
  • Scope: 52
  • Mobility: 72
  • Unlocks when you reach the level: 46

Best Class for COD Mobile ICR-1

A good class can, in addition to other improvements, make this gun has no recoil, which is unusual in COD: Mobile, and is what we will try to improve this assault rifle. This is the class that we are going to use to improve the ICR-1:

  • Cannon: Ranger OWC
  • Attachment: Ranger front grip
  • Cylinder head: RTC stable cylinder head
  • Rear grip: Dotted grip sticker
  • Ammunition: Rapid reload of 40 bullets

We will go through each element. As we said, we will try to eliminate the recoil of this weapon to make it a precise and stable weapon when handling it. For this we will start by adding a Ranger OWC cannon, which gives us more control of vertical recoil, just what we need.

We are also going to add how to attach the Ranger front grip. Surely you will say that the attack seems better, but if you realize it you will see that with the Ranger the precision is maintained, and that is the objective of this class, to make a weapon as accurate as possible.

In this same line we will add the RTC stable cylinder head, which will give us a lot of stability and precision. Mind you, adding so much stability and precision is slowing us down, so we’ll make up for that with the dotted grip adhesive.

To finish and to have ammunition to spare we will choose one 40-round quick reload. We will not choose the 50 one so as not to damage our mobility too much. With all these characteristics we will have a stable and precise weapon.