Best apps to sell feet photos

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Best apps to sell feet photos 1

Didn’t you know that you can sell photos of your feet totally online and start charging for it? If you have beautiful feet, and you want to start living on them, this article can help you as we are going to talk about the best apps to sell feet photos and that you charge for it. You may have never heard of it or on the contrary, you already know that there are many people who have this fetish, and in any case we guarantee that thanks to these apps it is totally legal to do so. You are simply going to need to create a profile in them and start living off your feet as they say.

You know that in Android Help we love to help you, we named ourselves this for a reason and that is because we have investigated where you could profit from your feet. That is why we have found different platforms or apps to sell photos of your feet and that you start making money every day as we told you before in the first paragraph. The result of all this you will begin to see in the following lines, but it will depend on you whether it makes you more funny, so to speak, one platform or another. One may convince you for its payment methods and another for its number of audience. It is up to you to decide in which app you are going to sell foot photos from today. We go there with them.

Different app to sell photos of feet

Do not think that the fact of selling photos of feet is something that is only limited to the fetish of a few. In the end many bloggers, content creators, agencies or companies are interested in buying this type of photograph to sell a product or to use in a social media campaign, without going any further. You can even sell them in image banks if the idea of ​​other apps does not convince you, there are options of all colors, almost as many as feet in the world.

In the end, a photo of a foot for a shoe sales business is not the same as selling a photo of a foot on OnlyFans. Another example could be a company that sells nail polish, different accessories for feet or even a spa, there are a thousand options that come to mind and I’m sure you too will just start giving the coconut a few minutes. All these are based on sales and marketing or advertising, they are not erotic photography at all. The question is to know where can you get more money and as we have seen, you will do that with the following apps.


Best apps to sell feet photos 3

Instafeet, as its name suggests, tries to be a platform or web page where you will be able to create a profile, and from there sell content on your feet. First of all you will have to register and once you do, your account will be approved and you will be able to access. You will not be able to publish anything in any case without the prior approval of those who manage the website. That is why it is a place where they review well each content that is published. This way there won’t be much scammer on the loose by Instafeet.

Keep in mind that they receive many requests and that they do not always accept everyone who seeks to enter, you have to pass a filter first but you should not have much problem. What can happen is that they take a few weeks to approve your application since, as we say, they receive a lot of request for new profiles. In addition and as a final part of what interests you, the payment for the content, Instafeet keeps 10% of what you earn on its website or app and the payment will be made to you every month between the 1st and the 15th, so they usually don’t take long to pay.

Feet Finder

Best apps to sell feet photos 5

Another website or platform very similar to the previous one is Feet Finder. It is an app to sell photos of feet and start making money monthly with it. It is also a website that is already quite recognized since has very good reviews all over the internet. It is totally free for all its users and what it does is that you do not have to go through as many verification procedures as in other web pages. If what you really want is quick cash for your feet, it may be one of the best options right now.

With Feet Finder you will start to get followers and buyers on your profile, but We recommend that you take care of it to sell more. What’s more, the app itself has more than 40 thousand followers on Twitter and in case you have any problems, everyone on the Internet says that their customer service is very good.


Best apps to sell feet photos 7

It does not take much presentation for OnlyFans since it may be one of the best known apps today. In it you will probably find what you are looking for, an app to sell photos of feet. It is not that it focuses on it, but both you and other users of the app can focus her to sell those photos of feet without any problem. You do not have to do the content that other users of the platform do at all.

The app works by subscription and users will have to locate you and see if they are interested in your content or not. At the end of each month you will receive the payments. Keep in mind that all this, if you are in Spain, you must declare it. So if you exceed a certain amount of money earned per month you will have to declare it to the Tax Agency making you autonomous.

We hope this article has been helpful to you and that from now on you will know which are the best apps to sell foot photos. If you have any doubts, questions or suggestions, you can leave it in the comment box so that we can read it to you. See you in the next Android Help article.