Best apps to make soccer lineups

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Best soccer lineups app

Soccer continues to be the most popular sport in Spain, Europe and countries in Latin America. Millions of people regularly watch matches in national competitions, as well as competitions such as the Champions League, Europa League or national team matches. If you like to analyze matches, being able to create or analyze lineups is something of interest to many. This is something that a soccer line-up app can be very helpful for.

It is enough to enter the Play Store to see that there are quite a few applications of this type available, although not all of them perform well in terms of functions. Therefore, we have compiled some of the best in this list, so that if you were looking for a soccer line-up app, you will be able to find the one that best suits your needs. All of them are applications with which to create these alignments on your Android mobile or tablet in a simple way.

All the applications that we have in this list are adjusted to what users are looking for. They have elements that a soccer line-up app for Android is required to have. Since in all of them it is possible for us to plan these alignments for the matches of our favorite team. In addition, each of these applications also have a number of additional functions with which you can do more than create an alignment, so they are especially interesting for all types of users. Whether you are a fan of a team, a professional coach at some level of football or a journalist, these apps will be very helpful when you want to create your line-ups. These are the three best apps that we can currently download in this field:


We start with what can be considered the most complete soccer line-up app that we can download on Android today. In addition, it is a app that not only works for soccer lineupsIt also allows you to manage teams in other sports. If we want, we will also be able to apply it in other sports such as basketball or handball without any problem. It is also an application that performs very well in terms of its functions, one of its strengths.

Within the application we have the possibility of manage lineups and matches, in addition to making it possible for us to communicate with the players and the coach. It even allows us to manage the training sessions that the team has and has a function that allows us to follow live statistics about the team and the players. These statistics are something that is presented as an enormous help in the games, by allowing us to know more about the team and thus be able to make changes, both in the strategy and in the line-up that we have at that moment. These are the functions that SportEasy offers us:

  • Calendar with all the matches of our teams (with date, time and location of each match specified inside).
  • Complete list of teams participating in tournaments and competitions.
  • Notifications about training sessions, matches, tournaments….
  • View and share the team lineup with others.
  • Maintain contact with team members (players, staff, coaches….).
  • Direct messages with the coach.
  • Statistics of each game (scorers, fouls, assists, cards, passes, kilometers traveled, shots on goal….).
  • Vote for the best player of the match in each match.

SportEasy is one of the most popular applications to make alignments that we find available on Android devices. This soccer line-up app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Inside it we have purchases and advertisements. These purchases inside range from 7.99 euros to 11.99 euros, but they are optional, if you want to have access to more advanced functions. You can download the app from this link:

Soccer Tactic Blackboard

Soccer tactic blackboard

The second app in this list of soccer line-up apps is an application that will also allow us create our own tactics for each match situation. Thanks to these characteristics, we will be able to plan the whole game and know how we should react in each situation we face. So we know if we have to make changes or if we should change the board or the way we play. This allows it to be an app that can be used in matches in reality, by being able to make those adjustments continuously in it.

The application interface is easy to use, with a design that is very intuitive at all times. So it is an especially comfortable app to use, both on mobile phones and tablets, ideal for all types of Android users. When we organize the positions of the players the app gives us 6 different types of view: full field, midfield, free kicks to the left, to the right, straights and penalties. It is a function that will help us to better organize the line-up of the party and the team in general.

Soccer Tactical Slate also provides the possibility of save all our lineups and tactics. In the app we also have the possibility to see the animations that are generated in fast or slow motion. These animations are designed so that we can see how a specific tactic or play will work in reality that we have thought or planned, before we are going to apply it in the game, so we know if it makes sense or not, or if we should apply changes. The application also has the possibility of exporting or importing both new tactics and animations. In addition, inside we are offered a complete tutorial to learn how all the available functions work and thus make better use of it.

Soccer Tactic Blackboard is available in the Google Play Store completely free of charge. Inside the app there are no purchases of any kind, so we will not have to pay for anything. There are some ads within the app, but luckily they are not too annoying or invasive, so we can use the app without any problem. You can download it from this link:

TacticalPad Whiteboard Trainer

TacticalPad Coach Slate app soccer lineups

This application is an option that has a large number of followers on Android. Journalists, coaches and fans alike make use of it to plan your lineups. It is an app somewhat different from the previous ones, because it has been designed specifically for tablets, to get more out of the big screen of a tablet. Although if you want to use it on your smartphone it is also possible, but it is an ideal app for use on a tablet. This app allows us to create soccer lineups, but it has many additional interesting functions. Its use is limited to football, since it is not an app that we will be able to use in other sports.

This app has been designed in a way that allows you to express ideas and communicate them with the team. The idea is that we can communicate quickly with others, so that the line-up or tactics can be adjusted at every moment of the game, for example. It has a interface is really easy to use, so that no user who downloads it Android is going to have problems. The app allows you to design complete alignments and communicate them with other users in just a few steps. In addition, we have a wide list of functions available within the app. These are the functions that we currently have in it:

  • Notepad where you can add notes, clarifications or descriptions of the line-up, comments on players, notes on moments of the game or the strategy to follow at all times.
  • Design the team’s appearance: shirt style, uniforms (home or away), kits….
  • Share content on other applications and other devices.
  • High definition (HD) graphics and 3D animations.
  • Possibility to follow each move in the game and thus see failures or improvements.
  • Possible to add arrows to follow plays or players and make and / or delete annotations at any time.
  • Export the complete content by mail (including documents and photos inside).
  • Create custom teams at any time (it is even possible to customize names, players, number of players or position of each of the players).

TacticalPad Coach Slate is a very complete application in this field, since it is not simply an app for soccer line-ups, but its functions go far beyond what is expected in an app of this type. This application is available for your Download for free on the Google Play Store. Inside it we find purchases, which have a price of 25.99 euros for each item. It may seem expensive, but it is a reasonable price considering its many functions and that it can be used as a professional app. In addition, they are optional purchases at all times, so you decide if they interest you or not. You can download the app on your Android devices from this link: