Benefits of Painting Contractor Estimating Software

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Benefits of Painting Contractor Estimating Software

If you’re reading this, you’re presumably a professional painter who doesn’t utilize painting estimating software. To that end, allow us to describe a hypothetical scenario. What is the portion of your work that you dislike the most?

All of the professional painters and tradespeople we spoke with agreed. Taking off is what eats up their nights or keeps them away from the office throughout the day.

They’re not to a fault, and we aren’t either. And we don’t blame you for it. Painting and decorating houses are why you went into this line of work in the first place, not marking out blueprints and measuring lines on a design.

Benefits of Painting Contractor Estimating Software

So don’t be afraid to take a position. Try our painting contractor estimating software for free and say goodbye to the pencil and ruler in favor of the mouse for your next tender. This bid, the next bid, and every subsequent bid will save you up to four hours, and you’ll be back on-site in no time.

Relying on out-of-date procedures might lead to stagnation. Field complete allows you to trade off your evenings of flying for nights out on the town.

Our estimating software is so easy to use that you won’t even have to read any more bad paint jokes if you try it out now. Promise.

Using our expert painting estimating program, you’ll get your bids in first

No, we aren’t arguing that standard takeoffs, totals, and quotes offer you incorrect numbers. As a result, you’ve already gained plenty of experience. Only based on our experience with tradesmen, builders, and electricians, we’re arguing that the previous methods are excessively time-consuming.

How long has it been? True, even the most basic proposal may take up to five hours.

When it comes to tiny businesses, five hours is a long time, and it’s much longer when the head of a bigger company is out of the office. Five hours is a long time to be working when you should be enjoying your life, especially if you are preparing painting bids at night. Our calculator illustrates that the more bids you make, the longer it takes to fill out all of your paperwork.

The estimation and taking-off procedure may be completed in about one hour with Field complete assistance. Using our technology, you regain back 80% of your time.

So, you’re a real pro, right? You’re familiar with the estimating process for a painting bid.

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You’ll get a collection of architectural designs and drawings. Even if none of them apply to you, you still have to unzip files and read PDFs to see where you are in the process.

If you were in the printer ink business, you’d be retired by now. Getting the proper designs from your computer to the printer necessitates printing costs.

After finding the designs and printing them out, the next step is to put them together. Scaling and measuring, as well as calculating the quantity of paint or wallpaper you’ll need to complete the task, is the first step in the process. Remember that, because we’re not done yet.

The answer is no, you still have to enter all of your numbers into a spreadsheet and double-check Excel’s sums after you’ve counted and re-counted for hours.

Bidding estimates are the most irritating portion of the work for many tradespeople, which makes sense.

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The Field complete pricing software generates quotes for flooring and tiling

It’s clear to understand why so many people rely on Field Complete’s products and solutions. Field complete will take care of the tedious parts while you simply point and click, all the way from the ZIP file of designs to the finished spreadsheet.

Field complete can use your own file, which you may create by simply clicking yes or no once the drawings have been loaded and previewed. What used to take half an hour now takes seconds.

Check this out on our website and learn more about our app.