Be very careful if you have pets and wireless headphones: they can be eaten

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TWS headphones are becoming more and more popular in Spain, thanks to their increasingly affordable prices and their compact size and comfortable to wear, they are one of the best options to always carry music with us.

However, these devices can have an unexpected danger at home that many of us had not realized until now, and that is that our pets and smaller children can accidentally eat them.

The unexpected risk of TWS headphones: your pet could eat them

Fortunately, I am not writing this because my dog ​​ate my headphones, but it is a risk that perhaps many of us had not considered until now. It is possible that you already had it in mind, since it is something that you might think “it is so obvious that it would be absurd to comment on it”. But one of my theories about life (and also for writing articles) is that when something is so obvious, it may not be.

Be very careful if you have pets and wireless headphones: they can be eaten 1I had never considered it, but headphones like this are very susceptible to being mistaken for a candy.

This is how it crossed my mind when Motorola shared with us tips to prevent your pets from eating your headphones. For a moment I thought they were teasing me, but now I keep looking at my headphones and seeing that they are the ideal size of a treat that any child or pet could eat. Here are two important issues, and that is that in addition to not wanting to run out of headphones, much less do you want your pet to suffer trying to eat them innocently.

The built-in batteries in these headphones can cause burns to the throat, tongue and stomach, which makes having a routine to avoid it very important. The tips are very simple, but it never hurts to take them into account, which would be the following:

  • Follow a clear routine: Store the headphones in their case after use. Don’t leave them anywhere, even if they’re on a table and counter, because they might accidentally fall off.
  • When not in use, store the headphones in a drawer or any place that is inaccessible to animals.

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