Bargains on top brands in the AliExpress Brands Christmas promo

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Table of Contents

Products continue to be incorporated into Brands Week December of AliExpress, called «Brands for Christmas». A limited-time promotion that brings together thousands of products from the main brands on the market in each of their sectors.

From the best technology for the home, products to take care of yourself, wearables, equipment for your kitchen, accessories to create a smarter home, toys and much more.

The AliExpress Brands for Christmas promotion includes fast shipping from Spain (with delivery in 3 days), 2 years warranty and 15 days for returns.

  • Here you can see all the AliExpress offers included in this campaign.

iPhone 12 Mini on sale

Bargains on top brands in the AliExpress Brands Christmas promo 1

The iPhone 12 have just hit the market and with them a new variant that is most attractive for those users who prefer ultra-compact devices: the iPhone 12 Mini.

This discount of the iPhone 12 Mini is very interesting since with the APPLE120 coupon we can add an extra € 120 discount to the terminal and we get a great smartphone with the latest and most powerful Apple processor, 128GB of storage and one of the best cameras in the world. market.

Multifunction food processor for the most kitchens

Bargains on top brands in the AliExpress Brands Christmas promo 2

We change third and we go to the home equipment. From the kitchen in particular. Our colleagues from Kitchens would surely be delighted with this offer from Cecotec MAMBO, the multifunction kitchen robot of the Spanish brand.

It is available in several versions, but in all of them we can apply the code CECOTEC30 to add € 30 discount. It is literally capable of anything.

Samsung Galaxy Fit2 Bracelet

Start the year on the right foot and start taking better care of yourself. The first step is to increase physical activity and an activity bracelet can be very useful to keep us motivated and record all our progress.

Bargains on top brands in the AliExpress Brands Christmas promo 3

The Samsung Galaxy Fit2 is on sale (the SBW4 coupon applies) and has a battery of up to 21 days, AMOLED screen, a multitude of training modes and you will see the mobile notifications on it.

Discounted AirPods Pro

Finally, we highlight this discount of Apple’s AirPods Pro, its most advanced compact wireless headphones thanks to the powerful active noise cancellation that they have integrated.

In addition, they fully withstand sweat and are of the in-ear type. They are for less than € 200 by applying the SBW20 coupon that adds € 20 more discount to the basket.

Among the discounts there are many more products, remember that here you can see the complete AliExpress Brands for Christmas promotion here.

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