Bans on Twitch: what we can not do, types of ban and how to manage them

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Twitch bans

There’s no doubt Twitch It is one of the social networks of the moment. But among so many users, we have to face a myriad of inappropriate behaviors that often escape us. In this sense, we can be victims of any of them, and it is very useful to know the methods that we have at our disposal to control these actions of the rest of the users. To avoid greater evils and that the platform itself can sanction us, we will learn how we can block those behaviors that Twitch does not allow, and in what way manage bans of these followers.

To manage our Twitch community, a good moderation. However, we sometimes face harassment and misuse that some users do on the platform. Fighting these types of attitudes, especially when we have a large number of followers in front of us, is complicated and exhausting. But there are methods that can help us.

Types of ban

There are two types of bans or blocks on Twitch. There are temporary suspensions and the undefined. In the first case, the platform sends you a warning if they have slightly violated any rule. If you accumulate between one and three temporary suspensions, then you face an indefinite ban. Your account, therefore, will pass away.

Faced with an indefinite suspension, as you can imagine, the ban is permanent. If, on the other hand, you have suffered a temporary suspension, the ban lasts between 24 hours and 30 days. Everything will depend on the gravity.

Twitch bans

Logically, if you are banned, you will not be able to access Twitch or enjoy any of its services. If the ban lasts for 30 days or more, your channel subscriptions will not be renewed until the account is reactivated.

What can’t be done on Twitch

Let’s also review the reasons that lead Twitch to block and suspend an account or channel. In most cases this is common sense.

  • Hateful and violent behavior: Any offensive act related to race, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender or physical will be punished by Twitch. Threats and self-destructive behaviors are not tolerated either. Be very careful with this, because the platform is not too wide, not even with jokes that are knitted.
  • Hate and harassment: Harassment is an all too common problem not just on Twitch, but across the internet. For example, there are some users who deliberately do harassment on some accounts and channels. These are some of the behaviors considered harassment:
    • Bullying or insults
    • Inciting someone to hurt themselves
    • Create accounts specifically to generate hatred
    • Violate the limits established in any account or channel
    • Revealing confidential information that may hurt without authorization
    • Recording someone against their will
    • Sharing intimidating content
    • Sexual intimidation against someone
    • Inciting harassment or ridicule
  • Create an account while you are banned: Trying to access Twitch again while banned will make the situation even worse. If you do this, you could see your fine increased or, worse, face indefinite suspension.
  • Identity fraud: You cannot impersonate another user under any circumstances.
  • Use of bots: The use of these bots to fraudulently inflate the followers of a channel is also a reason for banning on Twitch.
  • Dissemination of sexual content: Any sexual, nudity, or child pornography content is prohibited on Twitch. There are users who are expressly dedicated to broadcasting this type of content on channels, causing some streamers to be suspended.
  • Intellectual property rights: in this case, the platform includes various activities such as sharing content from others, playing pirated games, using unauthorized servers, sharing content from other sites without authorization, watching some broadcasts or movies, or using copyrighted music.
  • Cheating in online games: Another reason that can lead Twitch to ban us is to use any unfair practice that gives an advantage to a follower in an online game.

What to do to manage bans

As we have pointed out, when you are faced with harassment or an inappropriate attitude from a follower, it is important to know what to do. It is possible that if we do not address the problem ourselves, Twitch can make us pay the consequences. Therefore, we will see the options we have for ban users and how can we manage them.

Ignore, block and report

First you can ignore a person within a channel. To do this, click the button Ignore on your user card, or write / ignore (username).

To prevent harassment attitudes towards peers, it is also possible to block any Twitch user. Click on your username and the three-dot icon. Now select block (username).

The option Block whispers from strangers It also prevents any communication with you by a stranger. It is very useful to avoid an episode of bullying.

Another option is report directly to a follower. If you believe that someone is violating the rules of Twitch or a specific channel, you have the possibility to use categories such as Bullying or Breach of the chat ban. These are precisely some of the main reasons for reporting.

Chat filters

With this function we can hide unwanted messages in any Twitch chat. Within the chat configuration of a channel, we can set the parameters we want. For example, there are settings to detect obscene language or sexual. Thus, any follower who uses these types of terms will face a ban.

Twitch bans


The designation of moderators It is a really useful tool to manage fan bans. Thus, you can focus on broadcasting while they control annoying users. He also interacts with the rest of the followers. If someone in your community meets these requirements and you are confident enough, feel free to designate them as a moderator.

You can do it by clicking on the lightning bolt icon or on your user card. Another way to write in the chat / mod (username). To remove functions, type / unmod (username).


Using AutoMod is also a very helpful tool. This function is capable of capturing natural language, as well as intercepting those messages that may pose a risk to the chat. This way, moderators can see them first, and approve or reject these conflicting messages.

Moderator bots

In addition to the AutoMod function, there are bots allowed that also perform moderation functions. They are capable of capturing repetitive messages, the abuse of emoticons, reducing the amount of annoying messages, etc …

Kick a user

If you have detected inappropriate behavior, harassment towards you or any other infraction, it is possible to cut your losses and expel directly to a user.

Therefore, if we are streaming or moderating, we can ban a follower and ban him from the chat for 10 minutes or less, if that is what we consider appropriate. Just write in the chat / timeout (username). If you want to expel him for less than 10 minutes, you must write / timeout (username) (seconds).

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