Backward compatibility on Ps5, with strong doubts on Ps3 and earlier versions – the hint comes from Ubisoft

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Sony’s next console will support Ps4 titles, but it is unclear what will happen to the predecessors. The French software house spoke about the upgrade process

Special year 2020 for the world of video games. The pandemic aside, the entire industry will always remember these 365 days to transition to ninth generation consoles. Microsoft and SonyAlthough all the details have not yet been revealed, they are now ready to go back on the market and bring players the big news.

Reflecting on what is in production for Sony, there are still many open discussions. Price and release date certainly hold ground above all else, but also the question backwards compatibility the whole is in the foreground. Even more so in the last hours, when Ubisoft hinted at what will really await us with Ps5.

It is necessary to specify what we already know officially and came from Sony. The next console will actually be backward compatible with most of the titles currently available. Ps4. Clearer than that is impossible, but the question arises: what about the previous platforms? With full backward compatibility, we obviously also mean Ps3, Ps2 and the first Play station. Here the question arises for which, probably, the answer already exists.

Ubisoft clarifications

The latest rumors come from the official Ubisoft support page. Each software house, of course, is preparing for the generational transition and the compatibility of their titles on the different consoles.

To better understand the leap that will take place, the French manufacturer had initially written: “Backward compatibility will be available for compatible Playstation 4 titles, but will not be accessible for Playstation 3, Playstation 2 and Playstation games ”. A clarification, then removed from the page. Now, in fact, there is the only one: “Being a central part of the update process, PlayStation offers a range of useful features to support the transition to the PlayStation 5 generation. 5.”

Clarifications and changes of pace, obviously awaiting an official statement from Sony. What emerged from Ubisoft can be considered an indiscretion, but in September it is reasonable to expect all the details regarding the Japanese multinational.

Plausible moves for backward compatibility

Leaving aside for a moment what is reported by Ubisoft, the discourse is always much broader in relation to having a console fully capable of playing old-generation titles. Gamers who have always chosen what Sony has come up with will naturally be happy to have a platform available that allows them to dust off the gems of the past and repurpose a video game library full of great memories and games. However, technology does not seem to be able to coordinate all this. The work already being done to create this possibility in relation to Ps4 is considerable, making it easier to outline a different future for Ps3, Ps2, and Ps1.

Impossible, then, not to consider the Playstation now, active on Ps4 and presumably also on Ps5. So why abandon a service that also allows streaming of previous generation games to insert full backward compatibility? Choosing to focus on this subscription will allow players to relive emotions from the past, but obviously in another way.