Avoid insults and trolls: thus create a moderation team on Twitch

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Avoid insults and trolls: thus create a moderation team on Twitch 1

One of the first things we should do on Twitch is choose a moderator or several moderators to help us with the management of our channel. It should not be the first thing if you have just created a channel and you barely have followers, but it is important that you raise it when you start to have a wide audience and you want everything to be in order in the chat.

Creating a moderation team is simple and will help us maintain keep the trolls away of our chat. We can control that they do not insult, that they do not spam, that they do not disrespect other users … That is why it is important to have moderators and choose them correctly. We give you all the guidelines that you must take into account.

What are moderators?

There are various types of user ranks on Twitch and each one has some functions or others. There are the editors, who help the streamer to manage the channel and have power for almost anything: control of videos, permissions, advertising, information, downloads. There is also the rank of “VIPs” who are valued members of the community who receive a special emblem….

And there are the moderators, who help manage the chat. From the official guide of the platform they explain their role: “The moderators make sure that the chat is at the level established by the streamer, both in terms of content and behavior, and they eliminate offensive publications and spam that distract from conversations” . They are essential and will help us to make everything work correctly.

What are they for?

Creating a channel moderation team allows us to have better control as a streamer in the interactions in your chat during a video. Subscribers and viewers of a video can interact and comment on your streams by adding what they think or with all kinds of reactions, but the moderators are the ones who must ensure that there is good behavior and that there are no offensive posts or spam. In case there are users who are not complying with the rules, they can be expelled or banned temporarily

Moderators can activate the different chat modes and not just control spam or offensive comments. For example, they can activate the different modes if we want it to be only for subscribers, only for followers or slow chat mode.

Twitch channel

How many should we have?

It depends. There is no specific number of moderators that you should have but it will depend on the size of your channel or the subscribers or followers you have. It will not be the same if you are a stramer with five million subscribers than if you have just started and have a hundred people who watch your videos, of course. It is advisable to have two or three active moderators always so that there is always one available who can work at the time of the broadcast. From Twitch the recommendations are the following: one active moderator for every 200 viewers, approximately, in the median channels. On the largest channels, Twitch recommends one active moderator for every 600 viewers and automated moderation.

But you do not need to add moderators once you have created the channel but you can always repeat the process to improve and expand your Twitch moderation team and Add new if you see that they are needed, if you see that those you have are few and you want more.

Create a moderation team

We can repeat the process as many times as we want, but there are a number of simple steps to creating a moderation team on Twitch. In addition, it is recommended to take into account a series of aspects when choosing moderators on the channel.

What to keep in mind

When choosing a moderator we must take into account a series of aspects. The main thing, according to the guide itself, is to take into account what you consider offensive or spam. That is, the first thing we must mark is what is “removable” and what is “acceptable”. We must be clear about this from the beginning before selecting our moderators to instill that idea and build on it.

Which ones do we choose? They explain from Twitch, as advice: “Select your moderators among the viewers recommended by people (or by other moderators) you trust. If you have noticed that there are users who help other participants in the chat and they tend to appear frequently in your transmissions, tell them what it means to be moderators and ask them if they want to do it “

Add moderators

We can add moderators like any other rank on Twitch. We can create the moderation team from the settings of our account or profile in the service.

  • Open Twitch
  • Tap on your photo in the upper right corner
  • Open the menu and all the options will appear
  • Choose “Creator Control Panel”
  • Once here, go to the menu on the left side of the screen
  • Choose the option “Community”
  • Go to “Function manager”

Once here, we will have to use the search engine at the top of the web to find a member of your community. Note that no user will appear if you have just created your channel and do not have any members. If you have them, you will see what there are and you will be able to touch on “Add new”, choose the person you want and mark them with the “Moderator” icon. We can add or remove the functions whenever we want and without any restrictions. This way you can create your moderation team on Twitch or modify it according to the users you have or the possible unsubscriptions.


Another option is to do it with commands through the page’s own chat. Simply type / mod {USERNAME} and it will become a moderator. If you want it to stop, just go to / unmod {USERNAME} Using the commands we can also see the list of all moderators thatWhat do you have in your community: just type / mods in your channel’s chat.

Moderation controls

There are several moderation controls that we can configure from the configuration or settings of the Twitch channel. To enter the moderation controls we must:

  • Open your profile on Twitch via the website
  • Go to the upper right corner
  • Tap on your profile icon
  • Go to “Creator Control Panel”
  • In the menu on the left, open “Settings”
  • Display the menu
  • Choose “Moderation”

The different moderation options for your Twitch channel will open here.


Automod is, according to the platform, “an automated method of detecting chat messages that may be inappropriate, so that a moderator can review them before others see them.” In other words, it is an option that allows you to identify potentially inappropriate messages although it is a moderator who must make the final decision and approve or reject it. It will be one of the first settings we see on this screen.

You can activate various levels of AutoMod from one to four: a little moderation, a little moderation, more moderation or “a lot”Moderation. And within each of the levels we can individually choose the filters we want to focus on more, divided into several categories such as aggressiveness, discrimination, etc. Filters are for:

  • Aggressive language
  • Harassment and nicknames and insults
  • Discrimination and insults due to disability
  • Insults or discrimination based on sexuality, sex or gender
  • Misogyny and demonstration of hatred or prejudice against women
  • Discrimination based on race, ethnicity or religion
  • Sexual content and sexual terms
  • Obscenities and swear words


You can check all the filters and confirm with “Keep”. Also in the configuration we can choose which terms and phrases are blocked by entering them manually. You can choose the terms you want. We can also choose the tAllowed terms and phrases that AutoMod will not block.

twitch blocked terms

Other chat options

Beyond the activation of AutoMod there are other chat options that the Twitch moderation section allows us. For instance, we can block hyperlinks– Channel chat will automatically block URLs that have not been posted by administrators, moderators, VIP-ranked users, or you.

And we can also choose to add a short delay for non-moderated users. This what it allows is that the moderators and the bots of the chat can remove inappropriate messages before other viewers read it. Non-moderators will have a short delay when comments appear. We can choose the delay to be two seconds, four seconds or six seconds.

chat options

Channel privileges and chat rules

Also here we can adjust some chat options so that everyone is clear about what they can and cannot put, what are the rules that we must comply with when interacting with other users and what we must take into account if we do not want to be expelled. LOr first, we can force an email verification for everyone who wants to send messages in the chat room.

Also the chat rules we can write them in a box in this section that will allow us to explain to the spectators what they should keep in mind when writing.


And other settings like veto override requests for those who have been banned and want to ask to rewrite. Here we can establish a recovery time that will be the one that has to wait for the ban, for example. In other settings we will also see that only your followers can write or we can consult those that have been vetoed and remove the veto if we believe that one of them deserves it.

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