Avast Android: why it is NOT necessary to install it

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avast android

By now, as an Android user, you may be wondering what having installed Avast Android, even what does having an antivirus installed on your Android mobile phone offer you. What these apps give you on mobile phones is quite discussed and that is why to remove different doubts we have wanted to make this article, by way of clarification. In fact, every day that passes different companies like Google create their own protection systems already integrated into phones, as is the case with Google Play protect. Therefore, it is normal that we immediately say no, it is not necessary to install an antivirus such as Avast on our Android.

Avast Android: why it is NOT necessary to install it 1

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That is why we are going to comment on different reasons that make you doubt and see if Avast Android, which we have taken as an example because it is one of the most downloaded, really serves you or not. Even during the article we will give you certain recommendations so that your mobile phone is safe And that, when you go to download different apps (especially external to the Google Play Store), be careful. Different tips that probably, if you follow them all, will not do more than reaffirm that Avast is not necessary, but Avast or any other antivirus that you can download. Whether it’s free or paying, we don’t care.

Why is it not necessary to install Avast Android on our mobile phone?

Avast Android: why it is NOT necessary to install it 3

It is true that if you have people who have an iPhone with iOs, you will have heard countless times that it is not necessary to have an antivirus, and it is. But it is also true that iOS suffers far fewer attacks from spyware, malware and phishing than other systems such as Android. It is also normal for that to happen since Android has many more versions than iOS and is present in countless models, which iOS does not.

From there, we do not see any need to -especially- pay for an antivirus on Android. And that’s because in our case, and hopefully yours, when we finish reading this article, we know what to do before downloading apps on the Internet. And above all, we know and you will know safe and trustworthy sites where controls are passed to each app and those that you should or should fear. Definitely, no need to have Avast Android installed But because if you don’t have any antivirus installed, you have to apply all these measures that we are going to tell you about in a few paragraphs.

Think that even if we don’t care, on your mobile phone you take all your life or much of it. Even if it is the company’s mobile phone, imagine the data that you can carry on it that is confidential. That is why following security measures is essential. The entry methods of a virus or malware on your mobile phone are very similar to those of a virus on your PC, really. In the end, being careful in every document or file you download is essential. On Android mobile phones, you have to pay special attention to the famous APKs that are not in the Google Play Store.

Different precautions to avoid having to install an antivirus on your mobile phone

As we told you, as a general rule you should download apps in the Google Play Store, since the Google store is the safest place you will find. All the apps that you find in it have the commitment of Google that they have been verified and analyzed so that they do not contain any malicious files such as a virus.

In any case, do not trust everything or as the saying goes Not all that glitters is gold. Therefore, if we intend to have security even without an Avast Android installed, we must know them all. We go there with all those recommendations that we had promised you so that you can verify each download and be totally sure of what you do on your Android mobile phone.

Avast Android: why it is NOT necessary to install it 5

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  1. We recommend that do not download apps without being tested. That is, try not to download different new apps. Make sure they are already rated apps, with a certain margin time in between and that other users try them for you. In the end this is like operating systems, do not become a beta tester that kills your phone. Leave a margin of several weeks to download this app and so many users will leave their opinion in the comments.
  2. You should read all the reviews you find in the apps. As we told you in the tip before, this is essential. If we allow a reasonable time to pass, then we must read the reviews of the users who have downloaded it. If it is an app that takes a long time, it will most likely accumulate many downloads and opinions. Reading a few to you is not going to take more than five minutes.
  3. Check the number of downloads that the application currently has. More downloads should be a safety indicator. And therefore, these first three tips go totally together. If an app is new, has few downloads, and has no reviews, be totally wary of it. Always go the opposite case. Many downloads, many reviews, reasonable time.
  4. Have official website the application? If it has an official page, you can find out more about it on the Internet. Check who is behind it and what purpose it has. For example, not all of them are commercial companies, you have the case of Signal, the app that a non-profit organization has created. It is clear that these people have created the app to combat certain things, therefore, we should trust them first.
  5. Don’t download apps from outside the Google Play Store. And if you do, make sure who is behind it and if it is an official channel or a somewhat pirated website.

We hope this article has been helpful to you and that from now on you know why Avast Android is not necessary on your mobile phone. With all these tips that we have given you, you should be sure when downloading different apps. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, you can leave them in the comment box. See you in the next Android Help article.