Available on Google Play to download the game

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After so many months of waiting and much development, it seems that the light at the end of the tunnel is approaching. Gamevil will be able to bring the famous driving saga from desktop to mobile devices, not without first going through an arduous process. We will see if this title follows the simulator line that it has carried up to now, or if on the contrary it changes plans on Android.

Project CARS GO
Project CARS GO

Pre-registration to download it on Google Play

If the mountain does not come to Muhammad, Muhammad goes to the mountain. Most Android games end the Play Store, either on their own initiative or because Google throws its tentacles if the product is worth it (like happened with Fortnite). What varies is the way to get there, the decision of which is only the responsibility of the developer.

download project cars go pre-registration

Some decide to create a public beta program, which can be published on Google Play or not; early access, which is just the step prior to the official launch; or directly publish the development in the store without preliminary, but with a pre-registration. This is what Gamevil looks like it’s going to do with Project Cars GO, using the previous registration that enables Google Play. This option allows users to be notified of the launch of the game in the store, as well as the possibility of having it installed automatically.

In parallel, Gamevil recommends unsubscribe from the beta program before installing the final version, so that the reset of the game is total and not have problems. Therefore, if you participated in this phase (although it was only available in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands), you must uninstall the build in Settings> Applications> Google Play> Storage> Clear data and Clear cache.

What awaits us when we download Project Cars GO

More than a suspicion for the element »GO», it is a reality that Project Cars GO it will not be a pure simulator as we are used to in video consoles. What Gamevil assures us is a similar experience with gameplay adapted to mobile phones. This translates into one-touch driving.

It seems that we will not have a simultaneous control of the accelerator, brake and steering. In this way, it is committed to a simpler system, imitating others titles like Forza Street. Yes, we will be able to make combos when braking and skidding, an element that can add excitement to racing.

A lighter title than previous editions and with many arcade touches that, at least, does not skimp on cars and game modes. In this way, we can collect and customize GT3 cars, exposed wheels, prototype, road, vintage and many more. All this content can be enjoyed both in the world championships, time trials, special events and of course, online.