Automatic playback on Spotify: this is how we can disable it

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By telling you that Spotify It is the most used platform to listen to our favorite music via streaming, we are not discovering anything new. There are a good number of options to use it, since we have an app for mobile devices, a desktop tool and we can even run it from our web browser. When using it, especially on the smartphone or tablet, it may happen that it consumes more data than expected, since when we reach the end of what we want to hear, the program continues to broadcast songs without stopping. Therefore, below, we will show how to disable autoplay on Spotify to prevent it from continuing to ring and, therefore, it continues to consume megabytes of our connection.

If we are listening to music on the PC connected to the home WiFi and then we do not have much problem. However, when we are out and using our mobile rate, this means that, by continuing to broadcast songs and not stopping at any time, the consumption of our data is substantially higher.

Imagine that we are listening to the music that we like the most from a Playlist that we have created and that we fall asleep. The downside is that once the playlist that we have marked is finished, it will not stop and will continue to play music until we realize it. That’s why it’s interesting disable this option.

Disable option from desktop tool

If the version we use the most of Spotify is the desktop version, then we must do the following if we want to disable automatic playback.

  • We open the Windows tool.
  • Click on the downward-facing arrow next to our name to then enter the Setting.

Spotify menu

  • Once there, we scroll down until we find the option AutoPlay and we deactivate the switch next to the option Automatically play similar songs when your music runs out. In this way we already deactivate the automatic reproduction in Spotify.

Spotify Settings

Deactivate the option from the mobile app

If we are one of those who use Spotify on our mobile to listen to our favorite music, we can also disable automatic playback from the app itself. For this we must do the following:

  • We open Spotify on mobile or tablet.
  • We go to our library and once there, we play on it gear icon displayed at the top right of the screen.

autoplay on spotify

  • Now that we are in Configuration, we look for the function Autoplay, which is what makes Spotify continue to play similar songs when our music ends and we deactivate it by sliding the switch to the position OFF.

Other ways to save data on Spotify

If you still need to save some data in the most used music streaming tool in the world, we are going to give you several tips, thanks to which you can get it.

Data Saving System

For all those who need to save as much as possible the data that Spotify consumes, within the application itself we have a very interesting option for this purpose. It is a very effective method, since it achieves up to 75% savings in the data that is consumed. To achieve this we must do the following:

  • We open Spotify on mobile.
  • Click on the cogwheel that is when entering our library.
  • Now we must find where it says Data saving and activate the option Change the music quality to low and disable Canvas.

Spotify data saving

Playback quality

We can vary the quality of the Spotify playback to make it consume less, since the audio quality will not be at the maximum. If we have Data Saving activated, we will no longer need to perform this step, but if we do not have the previous option activated, this one that we are going to show you can be a good alternative.

  • We open Spotify on our mobile device.
  • We click again on the cogwheel what’s in our library.
  • Next we have to look for the section of Music Quality.
  • At that time we must see that next to Streaming A drop-down appears with several options and that by default is in Automatic. Now we must select the one we want, it is evident that the lowest is the one that consumes the least, but it is also the one with the worst sound quality.

Spotify Streaming Quality

Disable Canvas

Canvases are a series of videos that are reproduced in some songs so that we not only see the cover. This gives the system a little more spectacularity and is more enjoyable than seeing a single photo all the time while listening to each song. It is clear that they are very good, but if what we are looking for is to reduce data consumption, that may be a good option, since it is not something that we could consider as essential.

  • We open the application for our mobile device.
  • We again press the cogwheel from our library.
  • At that time we must look for the option Canvas Y deactivate the button next to Displays short, looping visuals during songs.

Disable Canvas

Spotify Lite

A few years ago the lighter version of Spotify arrived, with which we managed to consume fewer resources from our mobile terminal, in addition to occupying less storage space, consuming less battery and, of course, making the data rate last longer, since that its consumption is much lower than that of the app, let’s say «normal». Spotify Lite it is intended to be carried on mobiles that do not have enough power for the “normal” version to function properly. So we can continue to enjoy this streaming service, even if our mobile terminal is not excessively powerful. We can download it from Google Play Store without the slightest problem.

As you have been able to read, it is very easy to deactivate the automatic reproduction in Spotify and “heal ourselves in health” in case it ever happens to us that it remains playing music for hours and we do not realize it. In any case, we have also been able to see a series of tricks that we can perform, so that the consumption of our rate is not greatly affected by this streaming service.

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