ASUS confirms ASUS ROG Phone 5, will skip number 4

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ASUS confirms ASUS ROG Phone 5, will skip number 4 1

In recent months we have seen several leaks that showed us what the next ASUS gaming mobile would look like, the company that is doing the best in this market segment.

And it is a mobile that we really want to try, especially since the ASUS ROG Phone 3 surprised us so much last year. From my point of view it was one of the best mobiles you could buy in Spain.

The successor to the ROG Phone 3 confirmed to be the ASUS ROG Phone 5

ASUS confirms ASUS ROG Phone 5, will skip number 4 2

Among the leaks that were seen there was a minor one that drew attention, the name. The successor to the ASUS ROG Phone 3 was expected to be the ROG Phone 4 but it seems that the Asian brand is going to skip that number, being the chosen nomenclature ASUS ROG Phone 5, as the company has confirmed on Weibo.

The reason has not been specified but it is very normal to see Asian brands, especially Chinese but also those from Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries, to ignore everything that has to do with the number 4, since in those cultures it is synonymous with bad luck.

This publication on social networks makes us think that the launch of this model will be shortly, and we will not have to wait for the month of June as it happened in 2020. It is possible that we will know more at the MWC in Shanghai that will be held next week.

What do we know about the new gaming mobile

This terminal was already seen in some videos, showing a design almost identical to its predecessor, and boasting a second screen in the rear, small. It would also include the Snapdragon 888 and a battery of about 6000 mAh, which this time could be charged at 65W.

The date of presentation, the price and many of its characteristics remain to be known.

The ASUS entry confirms the ASUS ROG Phone 5, it will skip the number 4 appears first in The Free Android.