ARM abandons 32-bit: its new designs will only work in 64-bit

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ARM Cortex

ARM is a big name in the world of Android smartphones. A name known to many in Spain, the firm has announced a change that could have a huge impact on the market. Since the vice president of the company has been in charge of confirming that the next Cortex designs of the brand they will not have compatibility with 32 bits.

The 32 bits are something almost extinct today, since the mobile world runs on 64-bit architecture for a long time. While this ARM decision seems like a logical thing to do, which may not be too important, this is something that is going to have an impact on performance.

ARM says goodbye to 32 bits

ARM Cortex

Google already announced last year that Android 12, which will be released in August 2021, would end 32 bit support. Apple also did the same with iOS, which in its latest versions runs at 64 bits. The world of smartphones runs 64-bit, so the end of 32-bit support is something that was expected to happen and should not have a great impact on this ecosystem.

ARM’s decision seems to follow in this way those that Google or Apple have taken. Although in your case, it has an impact on performance, as has been known. Since one of its future Cortex cores, which will only operate with 64 bits, it will increase its power by about 30%. This increase in performance is something that is going to be noticed in Android phones that use these cores in their processors.

The next generation of the brand, the Cortex A78, which will be in high-end processors such as Snapdragon 875, will still have 32-bit support, thus being one of the last to have such support. In 2022 all ARM Cortex will only have 64-bit support. So the company is currently in full transition.

ARM abandons 32-bit: its new designs will only work in 64-bit 1

By 2022 it will be final and the 32 bits will have completely abandoned Android. Since support for 32-bit applications ends in 2022 and the next version of Android will no longer have support, so in a little over a year this moment will become a reality.

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