Are Androids the Preferred Gaming Device?

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Androids the Preferred Gaming Device

The global online gaming industry is estimated to be worth over $180 billion in 2022 and is still growing rapidly. Arcade, strategy, puzzle and even casino games are key elements of this booming industry boosted by new technologies.

While PC gaming was the dominant force behind its original growth, mobile devices are now taking the driving seat. In 2021, mobile gaming was the highest-earning sector with a 52%, or $92 billion, share of the market.

Top put that into context, in 2019 the mobile casino market was estimated to be worth around $59 million. By the end of 2025, that figure is expected to exceed $110 million.

Androids the Preferred Gaming Device

More than three billion people now regularly play online games, more than half of them on mobile devices. It only takes a brief look at what mobile devices offer gamers to see why this phenomenal growth is occurring.


With mobile gaming, anyone can enjoy a quality playing experience wherever they are, at any time they choose. Games can be enjoyed over a morning coffee, on the bus, on a lunch break, or during TV show commercials.

This level of pick-up-and-play convenience has helped grow the gaming market to vast new audiences. Specific times or spaces are no longer needed, gaming can be enjoyed during even the briefest moments of ‘downtime’ 

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Social play

Social play

Historically, playing games has always been a social activity, an aspect largely lost in pre-internet computer gaming. Ever since our digital lives moved online, we have been finding ways to rediscover the social side of gaming.

While they are now used for many things, the primary function of most mobile devices is for communication. After moving our gaming onto phones and tablets, it’s only natural that social gaming has returned with renewed popularity.

Widespread ownership

Though the UK and most western nations are wealthy countries, the distribution of this wealth is far from equal. While desktop PCs and laptops are common in many households, they do not share the ubiquity of mobile devices.

The multi-function nature of mobile devices has positioned them as essentials in all but the very poorest of households. This, along with the more affordable monthly contract payment model, has made mobile device ownership far more widespread.

What type of games are popular on mobiles?

Mobile play suits some gaming genres more than others, but there are still a wide range of popular styles. These range from puzzle games to arcades or strategy games and an ever-popular range of casino and slot games.

Absorbing pick up and play puzzle games such Candy Crush Saga have achieved huge popularity in recent years. For casino players, games such as pokies are perfectly suited for smaller touchscreen devices, they are also a quick and easy casino game to play.

Another advantage of playing pokies on mobile is the opportunity to use promotions, many pokies providers offer free spins with no deposit to new players so players can play anytime and anywhere.

Arcade games like Angry Birds and action games including Call of Duty have also proved popular for mobile gamers. As software and technology continue to improve, even more complex strategy, role playing, and battle games are being successfully adapted.

Another benefit of mobile gaming technology is its easy application to cutting edge developments like augmented and virtual reality. With all these advantages in its corner, it’s easy to see why mobile gaming is becoming increasingly dominant.

What type of mobile is best for gaming?

Apple may have kickstarted the smartphone revolution in 2007, but it didn’t take long for the wider industry to catch up. Today, in 2022, Android devices are becoming the clear favourite option for mobile gamers, but why is this?


While Apple has a monopoly on iOS, the race for dominance in the competitive Android sector has driven technological advancement. As a result, many Android devices now rival high-end PCs or consoles, and battery life is generally much higher.

Operating system

Best for Gaming

Apple’s iOS is a hugely popular and intuitive operating system, but it is not an efficient one. Android is based on the ultra-lightweight Linux system making it perfect for running complex games without draining device resources.


Today’s Android devices come with security features such as Google Play Protect as standard. This important feature means that all apps are consistently scanned and protected from malware and viruses.


In an echo of the PC v console gaming argument which has existed for decades, many players prefer Android’s customizability. While Apple devices and systems are locked down, changes and add-ons are much more easily made with Android mobiles.


If you’ve used both, you may have noticed there is greater availability for games on Android devices compared to Apple. This is because Android’s Google Play download system is much more accessible to providers than Apple’s App Store.

A greater choice of games, and a much higher stock of free games, has helped make Android popular with players.

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This is perhaps one of the simplest and most obvious reasons for Android’s increased popularity over its competitors. A top-end Android device could cost around a third less than the Apple equivalent, creating an easy choice for many.

Apple mobile devices are still incredibly popular and an excellent solution for many people’s needs. For gamers, however, the factors discussed here have placed Android at a clear advantage.

Recent data suggests that more than 75% of all gamers are choosing to use Android devices. Online casino players in particular have shown a distinct preference for Android browsers and apps when accessing popular platforms.

So, to answer the title question – yes, Androids are, currently, the preferred gaming device. What will happen in future, however, we can only wait and see.