Apps you freaked out with in your day: QuickPic

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Apps you freaked out with in your day: QuickPic

In this series we remember applications from the past that were very popular at the time and that we do not hear so much about today. After reminding Link Bubble, Fring Y Advanced Task Killer, today we remember one of the gallery apps most famous of all time: QuickPic.

If you’ve been on Android for a while, it’s quite possible that you know QuickPic, as it stood out for being light, having a lot of options and working really well even on very modest terminals. He seemed to have a bright future ahead of him, until Cheetah Mobile crossed his path. What became of QuickPic?

What was special about it?

In 2012, we called QuickPic Android’s most popular gallery app. All Android phones include their own gallery app – back then simply called Gallery– which is sufficient in most cases. When the gallery app that came on your mobile didn’t convince you, the best alternative was QuickPic.

QuickPic was a free, lightweight, fast, easy-to-use gallery application with tons of options

Its advantages included being free, very light and have a lot of options, working without problem both in powerful terminals and in the most basic ones. His appearance was good in the time of holo And it fulfilled its function more than: to be able to see the photos and videos of your mobile, quickly and according to your preferences.

Quicpic2012 QuickPic in 2012

QuickPic had some functions that even today are not easy to find in similar applications, such as three types of views (stacked, mosaic and list), color themes, control over screen rotation, checkered background for transparent images, choose an image from an album, hide folders and many, many more options. It had seven categories in its settings menu.

In summary, QuickPic represented three characteristics that create buzz in Android applications: free, lightweight and highly customizable. It is therefore not surprising that it exceeded 10 million downloads, despite being an alternative to an application that all mobile phones have pre-installed.

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What has become of QuickPic?

Its international fame would take time to take off, but QuickPic was born as a gallery application for Android almost at the same time as the operating system itself, sometime in 2010. It was less visually polished, but the ancient versions of QuickPic weren’t much different from the gallery app that would garner worldwide fame. The full name of the app was, by the way, Quick Picture Browser.

QuickPic was created by the Chinese developer Nanling Zheng and over time it was harvesting more and more functions and options, implementing a good part of the suggestions that received on his development blog. With the passage of time and word of mouth, the application became in the next few years a kind of standard for third-party gallery apps.

Quickpicancestral An ancient version of QuickPic

Everything seemed to be going smoothly for QuickPic, to such an extent that in 2014 it ventured to integrate into different storage systems in the cloude to facilitate backup copies of your photos, in addition to make the leap to Material Design, with various color themes.

Then in August 2015 Cheetah Mobile acquired QuickPic, causing a good part of his loyal followers to start worrying about his future. Back then, Cheetah Mobile’s reputation was starting to deteriorate after most of its apps, like Clean Master, included different lies, deceptions and exaggerations to guide the user in the direction that was most appropriate for them.

Everything was going well for QuickPic and its users until Cheetah Mobile bought it and did with it what Cheetah Mobile does with apps.

As is often the case in similar situations, the original QuickPic development team tried to calm down ensuring that the same team would continue to work on the app and that no announcements or a task manager would be included soon, as in other Cheetah apps. In subsequent updates started the cheetahification by QuickPic, with up 5 GB of cloud storage.

Quickpic QuickPic 5.0, the latest official version of the application

The controversy had been with Cheetah Mobile since before it bought QuickPic, with accusations by security researchers from use misleading ads to attract users to Clean Master, although the worst came in 2018, with the download attribution fraud that rocked Google Play.

The fraud consisted of applications that spied when the user installed an application and then scored the goal, reporting to the companies that serve advertising that the installation was thanks to a banner or their own recommendation. In 2018, Google removed QuickPic from Google Play for this reason, although he was not long in coming back.

In 2020, Google got tired of Cheetah Mobile and removed all its apps from the Play Store

The reputation of Cheetah Mobile and QuickPic was badly damaged in the following months, but the application remained available in the store until February 2020, when Google was running out of patience: banned Cheetah Mobile and deleted all its apps from Google Play. The final reason for the ban never emerged.

Since then, QuickPic is not in Google Play although, as it happens more often than we would like, they are not missing in the Google store fake QuickPic clones, with the same or similar icon. It is not recommended that you install any of them: better, bet on one of the gallery apps we recommend.

Quickpicfalsas In Google Play there are several “QuickPic”: they are all fake apps

Does it still make sense today?

Nowadays, mobiles are more powerful and gallery applications have a few more extra options, so the need to install a third-party gallery application is less. However, there is still interest in a good alternative for gallery app it is still valid. So much so that even Google ended up launching its own alternative to Google Photos under the name of Gallery Go.

The best way to describe that the interest in an app similar to QuickPic is still alive is that after the Cheetah Mobile debacle, the XDA community decided to create one modified version of QuickPic which remains a popular alternative today, under the name of QuickPic Classic.

Quickpicclassic QuickPic 4.5.2 Classic, an unofficial version

QuickPic passed away, but the app concept alternative to the one that comes with the mobile, but better, more complete, lighter or simply different, it is still one of the pillars that make Android, Android. If you don’t like something, you can change it for something better. And hopefully you won’t buy it and it will destroy Cheetah Mobile.

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Apps you freaked out with in your day: QuickPic

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