Apps to buy or sell second-hand books

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Because the opposite case can also happen, in which you want to fill that empty shelf or those moments when you get bored and want to do something productive. Of course, you do not want to leave large amounts in a book and prefer to save a few euros by buying in the second-hand market.

What prices are reasonable on second-hand books?

Once we are in a position to buy or sell a book, we have to know what the starting price is, something that depends on many factors. As in other products that are dealt with in the world of buying and selling, the historical value of the book and its condition is almost everything to know the price that corresponds to it. It is important to know that books as first editions tend to have higher value, as well as a complete collection.

You also have to think that many of the books they are sold ‘by weight’. This means that the value of the book can be based on the cost of the paper, not the content itself. It is something to take into account, since we can be involved in scams, whether we buy a book above its value or if we sell it below its real price.

Most of the platforms that we are going to expose below for the sale of books from the mobile, are stores that buy in the following way: first they ask us scan the ISBN code that every book has, to know all its characteristics and the value it can have. But in addition to that, they can ask us for some images to know the status of the book, and from there, they offer us a fixed price.

Apps to buy or sell second-hand books

Obviously, when we talk about the sale and purchase market, it is inevitable to think of platforms such as Wallapop, eBay, among others, to find a book or sell it. But we want to offer something beyond those alternatives, apps for true bibliophiles, that exclusively deal with books and without the appearance of other products that in this case do not interest us.

I want books

With this app you can sell your books and buy others that interest you. They just have to scan the cover and post the ad, which will also make it easier to search for books to buy. With the app you can find articles near your position, calculate the route automatically, it allows you to use the computer version to upload your books …

Find items close to your position, even the platform gives the possibility of exchanging books between users instead of setting a price. To put a but, the application lacks themes to classify the different books that can be uploaded for the sale, but without a doubt it is one of the best options.

QuieroLibros - Buy or sell used books

House of the book

It is one of the most popular and recurring platforms when it comes to the book market. The application of House of the book allows you to easily manage and sell second-hand books through the camera of your mobile device. In addition, it allows you to discover all the latest second-hand books in your list of novelties from the last 30 days.

home book app

Manage and sell second-hand books easily with this store’s app. Take advantage of the new search through the camera to add new books to the platform or to obtain the value of that book in its future sale.

Book House - Books ebooks
Book House - Books ebooks


It is the largest online community for buying and selling and auctions of antiques, art, books and collectibles in the Spanish language. The app has more than 17 million unique items for sale, including old and out-of-print books. With the application you can buy directly or bid on auctions.

todocoleccion app

todocoleccion - Buy, Sell and Auctions
todocoleccion - Buy, Sell and Auctions


It is an application to buy and sell your second-hand books, in addition to being able to recycle the books from the school year. It promotes the reuse of school books in order to take advantage of the books used each school year. It was created to help with one of the most important expenses that families suffer each school year, in a context of difficulties in the national economic sphere. It is not in the Play Store, but we can get the APK file anyway.

ecolibros app

Releo – We buy your books

With the Releo application you can quickly sell those books that you have at home and no longer want. And so you make room for new books. It is not an auction, you scan an ISBN code and the app will show the price they present for the book. In addition, you do not have to leave home to send them, since they are responsible for collecting them with the corresponding shipping cost.

Therefore, the Releo platform offers its own courier service to pick up the books on sale, which can make our lives much easier. As described by the company, the payment of the books will be made within 3-4 days after reaching its warehouses.

Releo - We buy your books
Releo - We buy your books