Applications that flipaste in his day: Titanium Backup

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In this section, we rescued the trunk of the memories of old applications that were very popular in their time for after fall into oblivion. In the past we have spoken of Pixr-o-matic, PushBullet, AfterFocus, Sky Map and Word Lense and today it is the turn of Titanium Backup.

Titanium Backup was born in 2010 as the final implementation to make full backups of apps and their data, always and when you have root access in the terminal. With the time the application has fallen a little into oblivion, so we can’t help but wonder, what was Titanium Backup?

What was special about it?


The backups on Android have always been a topic of rugged. Today it is relatively easy to make a backup copy of from the Android settings, although it was not always so. Titanium Backup is noted for allowing you to make a backup of any app and its data.

This was especially relevant in his time, when the root and install different ROM it was quite a bit more common than it is today. The change of ROM, with a few exceptions, it was normal to have that delete all data from all applications, and having to start from scratch each time.

For users with root and that I liked to try several ROM, Titanium Backup was almost essential

In addition to applications, Titanium Backup allow to make backup copies of special items, such as user accounts, Bluetooth devices saved, the contacts and calendar events stored locally, the locales, the Wifi connections saved or SMS messages.

Uninstall One of the biggest advantages of Titanium Backup is able to uninstall preinstalled apps with the confidence to do before a backup copy of

An important point of Titanium Backup is that it also served to remove bloatwareor pre-installed applications. It was possible to freeze and uninstall system applications, with the advantage that you could make before a backup to bring them back to life in case something went wrong.

With time, Titanium Backup became the most comprehensive app to make backups with root, with advanced features such as batch processing, the synchronization in the cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box) or the ability to restore applications from backup Nandroid from CWM or TWRP.

What has been of Titanium Backup?

Titanium Backup was created in 2010 by Titanium Track, which are defined as “four generations of geeks of technology”. Unlike other applications, mythical root, Titanium Backup is still on Google Play (except a small hiatus) and has not been sold to third parties.

Although his period of greatest fame was around 2012-2013, the application has continued to updating periodicallylately more than anything else, with corrections of errors and changes required for the application to continue running and is able to keep in the Google store. In 2018 was updated only 2 times, but in 2019 he received up to 8 updates, the last of her in the 24 November 2019. In 2020 has not yet received any update.

Titaniumbackap Titanium Backup in 2020: as in 2011

So, the time has passed, but Titanium Backup has remained basically unchanged. The application has not received new features, or redesign for years, so that is equal today than it was five years ago, with the advantage that have been correcting the different errors to increase the versions of Android.

The interface has not aged very well, but the fact that follow up-to-date and published on Google Play is a good news for anyone who wants to bring back to life an old mobile and need their services. Titanium Backup is compatible with Android since version 1.5.

Titanium Backup ★ root needed

Titanium Backup ★ root needed

What still makes sense today?

To know if Titanium Backup still makes sense, we must take into account several factors, such as their requirements. Titanium Backup you need root accesssomething that many users are looking for in their mobile, but that is undeniably less popular than some years ago.

On the other hand is its functionality. As its name indicates, is mainly an application to make backups, something that Android has improved in recent years and in large part is reduced to the press of a button these days. Change mobile phone and keep your apps and settings it is less traumatic than years ago.

Backup on Android Making backups is very easy today, but you have little control over the matter

Now, the system copy security Android just gives you no control or information about the process. It includes your call history, SMS, contacts, device settings and application data, although it is not specified what is included and what is not. Nor is it possible to restore the copy of a particular app or its data, as in Titanium Backup. That is to say, today it is easier to make backups, but you have less control about the process.

To have more control of the backups is still interesting today

Titanium Backup today is a little ugly for the days runningwith other applications of the root as Magisk that have already been put to the latest in design and functions.

Even so, the concept of facilitating the backup of specific applications remains as useful today as yesteryear. This, despite the fact that today is becoming more and more difficult by the constraints to the root (SafetyNet) and the implementation of scoped storage.

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Applications that flipaste in his day: Titanium Backup

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