Apple challenges Google with a new search engine

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The indiscretion is reported by the Financial Times. In the new iOS 14 update, according to industry experts, the research technology under study in Cupertino has already been introduced

The bomb was dropped by the Financial Times and could lead, in the coming years, to the configuration of a duopoly on the web: Apple, in fact, is studying a personal search engine, with which to launch the challenge to Google. From Cupertino, work would intensify the development of a search technology that can be effective to show off the scepter before Big G. Is it possible that after decades of dominance, Apple can compete with Google in a key field, that of online searches ?

Apple’s search engine already on the iPhone?

Apple’s search engine would be indispensable for the US giant in the event that the Justice Department lawsuit filed against Google a few days ago jeopardized the agreement between the parties (paid in billions) that guarantees Google itself that its search engine is the default option on iPhones. (in the Safari browser). If justice gets in the way of the two multinationals, Apple could deepen the search technology already introduced to its smartphones with the latest software update.

In iOS14, you will see a first “hint” from Apple’s search engine: when you type a keyword in the search window, Apple actually displays its own search results instead of Big G’s. For connoisseurs, this could be the first sign that since Cupertino is trying to get away from Google and take on a challenge that could revolutionize the world of online searches. Or at least break it down and make it more varied.

At the moment, therefore, what we know about Apple’s new search engine is that:

  • is in study
  • should compete with google
  • search technology has already been implemented in iOS 14

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