App to put faces in video clips using AI

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Table of Contents

It is not a new app on the market, but its foundations are supported by a development that has several changes in its appointment, the previous one being Doubling. With this rename, the app aims to remain one of the most popular of its kind.

REFACE: face swap videos / photos to combine faces
REFACE: face swap videos / photos to combine faces

Reface, an app with its own subscription system

And you may wonder, what genre does this app belong to? It basically seeks to offer pure and simple entertainment. That a moment of fun be reproduced between the user and the terminal. It is an application that allows combine our faces with any video or image. To do this, it uses the software’s artificial intelligence to recognize the face and reproduce it in the video.

reface menu

The strong point of this app is that we find videos of all colors and flavors. It is based on content from the world of music and cinema, which are the fundamental categories that Reface has. In addition, we find the Most popular GIFs seen on social networks to also star in them with our face.

Of course, being such influential industries, we find such popular and followed public figures such as Brad Pitt, Robert Downey Jr., Daenerys Targaryen, Ariana Grande, Rihanna and others as random as ‘El Risitas’ can be. Everything you see in this app is nothing more than music clips and movie scenes from the most influential series or movies.

reface gifs

Of course, it should be noted that despite being a totally free app to download, it has a particularity to take into account. We must think carefully if we are going to use this tool, since it has its own subscription system, either with a annual fee of € 24.99 or a weekly fee of € 2.99. If we choose the first option, which is much more economically viable, we will be entitled to a 3-day free trial, where we can cancel the service at any time until the first payment.

How to navigate the Reface interface

The app is as simple in its interface as in its use. The first thing he will ask us is a selfie for have a face to start with, since as soon as we do it, the main interface opens with popular video clips as a suggestion and template. If we tap on our face, it will give us the option of using that first selfie or pulling one from the photo gallery. As soon as we choose the photo, the app takes few seconds to put our face in any video. And if we don’t like the result of our first selfie, We can always do more in the last section of the application.

reface selfies

The result is quite reminiscent of Doublicat’s, although it gives more options regarding saving and it has this lure of videos. And as often happens, we can have a result from the funniest to the most disturbing, but it highlights the fact that the suggestions are very varied and that the clip is obtained very quickly. We can also do the same with GIFs that we have stored in the terminal, since if we enter the section for the gallery, we can automatically access these types of files.

Tips to keep in mind

Reface has some ins and outs that are worth uncovering. Along with these tricks, you can make the most of its interface and the utility it offers. All focused on having more fun and that you take advantage of the service as it should be, which is not free.

Daily updates

The Reface application creates different compilations of videos and GIFs around characters, actors, actresses, singers and celebrities to replace the face. And publishes them almost daily. So do not hesitate to check the application every other day to find new montages in honor of these people.

Match your face along with that of your friends

And we don’t mean just using your photo. No. You can also create them together. With your face and his on two characters that appear on the scene. This way it is more complete and fun. Although that depends on the scene. To do this, look for a GIF that shows two human people with recognizable faces.

Fix Reface glitches

For the app to do its job well and there are no bad results, the photograph taken must be as lucid as possible. For example, Reface has some bugs like the management of the glasses. It is better that you take a photo without them so that your eyes do not appear shaded. It is also important that you take the selfie with good lighting. And that is frontal. It is also recommended that you look at the camera so that the retouch is as exact as possible and it does not seem that you are looking anywhere.