App to play and answer calls at the same time

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Table of Contents

The truth is that this application was available on Google Play like any other since 2014, but two years later, it was decided to close the chiringuito. Now, we only have to enjoy its functions through an APK, and if you still don’t know what it consists of, we are going to expose all its details below.

Answer calls without stopping playing

The main premise of the application is that allows you to answer calls while doing other tasks on the device. These other tasks can be multiple, but the ones that are most uncomfortable tend to catch us playing, listening to music or taking pictures. This is motivated by the immovable preference that the system gives to incoming calls, with an outgoing window that occupies the entire screen.

call handycall apk

We miss the possibility that calls appear, for example, from the notification bar as the latest generation terminals already put into practice. Unfortunately, not all users are in the latest fashion, so they continue to suffer from this handicap. Meanwhile, this HandyCall tool allows you to answer calls without stopping playing, listen to music or any other task.

Its operation is simple, since it shows the incoming call in format pop up on the screen. Normally it is shown right in the center, since previously the position could be configured although it is not possible at present due to the obsolescence of the version. In the functions of this pop-up window, we find the options to hide it from the screen, silence the call or pick it up to answer.

How to download the HandyCall APK and configure the app

Since it is no longer available in the Play Store, we only have the repositories of apps that exist on the internet. We have chosen one of the best known as it is APKPure, which contains the latest version of the app, specifically 1.5. To install it on our device is very simple:

  1. First, we go to the link to download HandyCall on APKPure.
  2. Then, all that remains is to install the APK, and grant the pertinent permissions for calls and access to contacts. If in any case the app is not activated, we enter the interface to check the box “Enabled”.

handycall apk design

All that remains is to configure some parameters that the app contains. Some of the most interesting ones are used to change the design of the pop-up window, if we want to rectangular or circular shape. In addition, it allows you to customize the transparency of this window, as well as to show the native app of the phone if we are on the lock screen or with the terminal completely locked.

handycall apk settings

One of the bugs What HandyCall presents is that it does not identify the person who is making the call, since the generic name of ‘Jack’ appears, something that impoverishes the experience. Likewise, it also had integrated purchases to access functions premium, although that option is already disabled.