App to edit photos and selfies on Android

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Table of Contents

Facetune 2 the best app for selfies

Facetune 2 is a photo retouching application that allows us to improve our selfies and group photos like professionals. Unlike other photo editing applications, this app is very focused on correcting our faces to be as handsome as we want and to be successful on social networks.

Edit the face of your photos

The strong point of Facetune is the number of tools it has to fix any aspect of our face.

Slim your face

One of the things that tends to bother us the most is seeing ourselves fatter than we would like. Sometimes that’s the fault of the distortion natural of the cameras of our smartphone, others because we need to start exercising … but with Facetune 2 we can easily correct it. The app will give us the tools to fix the chin or correct our smile.

Change your eyes and eyebrows

The eyes are usually another of the key points in which we usually look at ourselves. It is not that this app will open them for us, but we will be able to modify its size, the width, the height or the inclination of each one of them. We can also change the color, the red eyes so common in photos and put that sparkle in our eyes that makes everyone who sees it fall in love.

Together with the eyes, we can enlarge the thickness of our eyebrows and modify any parameter that affects its shape and situation on the face.

Modify the nose

Size, width, height, the shape of the tip … have you ever thought about how your nose would look if you had an operation? With this application you will be able to do it and play with it until it is just the way you would like it to be.

Edit your mouth

Whiten your teeth or put on the lips of your favorite influencer with a simple touch. This is perhaps the effect that gives the worst result, but if you don’t need a retouch excessive, you are sure to get the desired image.

Dye your hair

Do you want to see yourself with green hair? This app offers us a lots of colors that we can go testing. The difference with other apps is that it allows us to change the tones of each one and thus see if we have better platinum blonde or bottle green.

Of course, if what you are looking for is to dye your beard, this is not the application you need, since it only applies the modification to the hair of the head.

Factune clothes and hair

Deform body

A curious tool that Facetune 2 has is the possibility of modifying the body shape. You’ll be able to get more biceps than you have, sharpen your chin, or whatever else you can think of that you can do with the warp and refine options. Now, you will have to practice because they require skill.

Eliminate pimples or stains

Do you know that huge pimple that you didn’t know you had and that now you can’t stop looking? With this app it will disappear without problems and with a simple touch. It will also serve to remove any stain on clothing or blemishes that you have on your skin.

Facetune makeup and filters

Make up

Base, blush, shadow, eyeliner … you will have available a complete makeup set so you can try new tones or fix a little in that photo that brings such good memories.

Add filters

As in most photography or social media apps, in Facetune 2 you are going to put that final touch on your photos with a color filter that changes the light of the scene and camouflages certain imperfections.

Retouch your photos

As we said at the beginning, this is also a photo editor and therefore we can also do certain basic modifications such as brightness, sharpness, contrast, definition, temperature … that is, all the traditional parameters that we all know.

Now, within this section it should be noted that we can also change the sky and background of photographs to turn day into night or that we are in Paris instead of Cuenca. We will have predetermined backgrounds and skies and we can also use our own mobile photos to make these montages.

Change your clothes

It is not that you can wear a jacket or jeans, but you can change the color, the pattern or correct a small tear that you may have in the clothes you are wearing in your photos.

Factune edition

As you have seen, Facetune 2 is a very complete selfie retouching app with which you can make perfect those photos that you want to upload to Instagram or use as a profile, and all with a very simple and friendly interface.

The biggest negative point that this app has is that its download is free but not its use, since although we can use all its options, if we want to save the result we will have to pay an annual subscription (€ 20.99) or monthly (€ 3.59), also having the option of making a lifetime purchase of the app for € 54.99.

For the rest, it is a very interesting application and that those people who want to take care of their appearance and always be perfect on social networks will know how to make the most of each of its tools.