App to create and share podcasts on Android

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Table of Contents

Almost all the Google Play options offer practically the same thing, although this particular app has a more differential option. Anchor has been available for several years but it was reformulated in version 2.0 and since then it has not stopped growing.

Anchor - Application to create podcasts

What is Anchor about

Its operation is quite simple, so you do not need too extensive a guide to know how it works. When logging into the app, we have several actions to carry out on the platform, be it recording a podcast, get advice on this world, import a file from another site or simply surf the platform’s network and listen to content.

anchor interface

Among the available options we have, in addition to recording the audio with our voice, the possibility of directly add phone interviews, music from Spotify or Apple Music and even wedges and clips presets for a more professional touch.

Interface to create podcasts and many more options

If there is something Anchor has that differentiates it from other podcast platforms, it is the way of creation or recording. Anchor pretends to be a kind of Vine or Instagram of podcasts. Easy to record, mobile-centric and with podcasts of no more than two minutes. Not only is it the way to record, but it also incorporates an editor to add other elements to the creation.

anchor create video

In this way, we can import voice messages from our listeners for greater interaction, add sounds or music from our library or introduce interludes or sounds to the recording to complete the podcast and give it a more professional and worked touch. Once the recording is made, we can add these background melodies, save it or continue recording despite having stopped the podcast.

anchor create video

On the other hand, if we browse a bit through Anchor’s content, we find that in the community podcasts we can also make several options. The platform created by Spotify allows you to adjust the playback speed, if the sound is output through the speaker or through the phone and if we give applause to the podcast, which is a kind of support for user content. Also striking is one option that converts our podcasts into video and text, although it only transcribes in English.

Community support, but in English

This complete and colorful platform is missing something important: the diversity of languages. And it is that the language that predominates in Anchor is English, finding all the content in that language. The problem is not that we do not understand what is being said, but that it greatly limits the possibility of creating audio content in Spanish.

anchor recording

If we put «Spanish» or any other keyword in our language, we find lessons to learn Spanish rather than content dealing with relevant topics. Maybe it’s not just the app’s fault, it might just be the platform has not proliferated yet in the Mediterranean country or in Latin America. However, if we try it, it is a good medium to place our podcasts on Spotify, since it is one of its aggregators.