App that maintains video quality on Instagram

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It is an app that is highly valued in the Play Store, especially for the utility it offers to maintain the quality of the videos when uploading content to these platforms. It has a very simple interface and few options, but it is a powerful tool.

Venlow |  Vertical Full Screen HD Status
Venlow |  Vertical Full Screen HD Status

What is the problem with the quality of the videos on Android

More popular is on the Instagram social network, where we upload publications that are seen by more people, and of course, I don’t like them to look bad. As many of you know, the platform use a compressor to shrink of content and speed up its upload to the network, so that translates into pixels lost along the way. It is something that comes a long way, practically since Instagram launched this publication format, resizing the images in 640 × 640, a very small size.

venlow editor

Three-quarters of the same happens on WhatsApp, where sharing a high-quality video is a real ordeal. In the messaging app it is more noticeable, since upload speed premium than the image quality itself, so it is considerably reduced so that the servers work more agile.

How Venlow Maintains the Quality of Your Videos

Its mission is very simple, which is to prevent both WhatsApp and Instagram from compressing the videos to make them smaller. It is a solution that Android users have been looking for for years and it seems that now it can become a reality. Basically own Venlow app compresses video so that both platforms detect that the clip is already compressed, using their own algorithm that allows optimizing its compression but without losing quality.

venlow quality videos

To proceed to exemplify it, we choose any video, regardless of the duration but conveniently of good quality, at least 720 pixels to see the comparison. First, click on «Select Video», choose a video from the gallery and click on «Continue». Before that, we can configure the audio removal or video trimming to fit the screen. Once finished, we can save the video or directly share it.

What is the result of Venlow quality

Testing with a video in height to the city, with a recording quality of 1080p. When passing it through the Venlow app, the result has been noticeably improved by uploading it in an Instagram story. The same thing happens when sharing it in a WhatsApp group, where it is true that a small downgrade but nothing to do with the problem we had before. That will only be noticeable in very high quality cases. The only negative about this tool is the watermark what’s left, nothing a little Photoshop can’t fix.