App for file management on Android

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Table of Contents

It has been taking time, but Google has its own tool with different utilities in relation to file management, and ultimately, the storage of the terminal. It began as a project only for certain countries, but it is already a complete development that has no more and no less than 30 million users a month around the world.

Files by Google: Free up space on your phone
Files by Google: Free up space on your phone

Files by Google, a smart file manager

Its purpose is to help you free up space on your phone so that you can keep it looking like new whenever you can. It’s available for all mobile devices, but it works great on low-end and mid-range phones. Historically, although to a lesser extent, they are devices more prone to having problems with file storage.

clean google files

With Google files you can find files quickly and share them even offline in a simple and safe way. You can free up space with the push of a few buttons. Delete photos, old memes from chart apps, delete duplicate files, uninstall apps you don’t use, clear the cache and completely remove all spam.

We will find the same tools as in similar alternatives, although with a much clearer and cleaner appearance, as well as differential functions that continue to add value to the app. As soon as you open Google Files, the app directs us to the cleaning tab, from which it will be possible to review the files that are taking up more space than they should, and if we wish, delete them quickly to free up mobile storage space.

How to use Google file explorer

We continue to ‘explore’ the file manager, never better said And it is that in the second of the tabs it is »To explore”. In it, it will be possible to see the different types of files that we have stored in the internal storage of the phone. However, this tab hides a little secret which we will talk about later, and which will allow to unleash the full potential of the app. To access the Google Files file explorer, just follow these steps:

  1. Open the app Google Files.
  2. Go to the second tab, “To explore”.
  3. From the menu button located in the upper right part, activate the option “Show storage devices “.

google explorer files
In this way, access to the internal storage of the phone is activated, so that it will be possible to navigate between all folders on the device, delete them, move and copy files, and much more. It must be borne in mind, yes, that even having a device rooted, Google Files will not be able to access the root directories of the phone.

An AirDrop to transfer files offline

This is another of the functions that we refer to when we have discussed the differential functions of Google Files, and that is the function of sharing files without connection with a WPA2 encryption.

google files share

The tab »Share» is intended for the file transfer between nearby devices, without the need to be connected to the internet. This tool makes use of a Wi-Fi access point, so that the two terminals that are going to share files are connected to the same network and can send or receive files quickly and easily.

How much space can you free up with Google Files?

It may be the Holy Grail of this application, as many users may limit its function only to cleaning the file. How much space you can free up with Google Files depends on how much junk your mobile has at the moment and how many old apps and files you can do without. In our test, we started with 87.61 GB used space and ended with 82.70 GB, so we have released about 4.80 GB, which is not bad.