Android TV sends by mistake a notification to the mobile on the same Wifi

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Like every night (especially since I started the state of alarm in Spain), yesterday I got to see a movie after dinner. On this occasion it was Captain Marvel, in Disney Plus. To do this I used the application installed on my tv, a Phillips with Android TV built in.

Which was not my surprise to catch you at a given moment, the mobile and check that there was a permanent notification that indicated that it was playing a multimedia file n my Wifi network.

This notice seems odd to me because, while I knew her (the one that uses Android when we send out a link via Chromecast), not had to leave n that time. I was controlling the tv with your remote and not using the Chromecast integrated.

Google acknowledges the bug and working on a solution

Apparently, we are many users of Android TV we have seen how this notice has appeared of a sudden in our mobile, when we are using any app for streaming on a device connected to the same Wifi network.

Android TV sends by mistake a notification to the mobile on the same Wifi

Sample notification should not go out. Source: reddit

Among the affected applications are YouTube, YouTube TV, Kodi, Netflix, Tidal, Disney+ or Plex. In addition, not only affects tvs with Android TV, but also set top boxes such as the Nvidia Shield TV or the Xiaomi Mi Box.

Google has confirmed that it is working on an update to address these issues but has not indicated when it will be available.

How to prevent these notifications from the Android TV

Until Google solve the failure the only way to turn off these notifications, turn them off completely, which also will not display notifications of control when we send content to a Chromecast. To do this we have to select the icon of the Settings in the notification and check the option to not appear.

Nevertheless, we should activate it again when you solve the bug if we want to be able to control our content from the mobile when we see him on the tv.

The input Android TV sends by mistake a notification to the mobile on the same Wifi appears first in Android Free.