Android TV has an unexpected competitor: LG’s WebOS

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Android TV has an unexpected competitor: LG's WebOS 1

One of the main reasons that has led Android to be the dominant operating system on smartphones is that Google allowed other companies to use it from the beginning. That was also Microsoft’s successful Windows strategy.

In the smart TV section, Google also gave companies carte blanche to use Android TV, although in this case there are not so many brands using the software.

Now LG wants to position itself in this market, just at the time when rumors are triggered that it could leave the mobile phone market.

TVs are getting smarter

Android TV has an unexpected competitor: LG's WebOS 2

For decades we have used televisions to watch content and at the end of the last century it was common to connect some type of player, video, DVD or Blueray, to access content on demand.

In recent years, SmartTVs have become almost the only type of television that we can buy, although there are several options depending on the operating system.

This is where LG comes in as it has been known to be open to licensing its operating system to other companies. According to the announcement of the South Korean firm, there are already three companies that have signed agreements: RCA, Ayonz and Konka.

Android TV has an unexpected competitor: LG's WebOS

WebOS 5 as a base

Although LG’s system was updated to version 6 recently, it will be the previous one, WebOS 5, which is used in televisions from other brands, although we take for granted that there will be later updates.

This will allow to bring its LG Channels to many more users, and perhaps the increase in profits from advertising on those channels will compensate for licenses to other brands.

Challenging Android TV

Android TV has an unexpected competitor: LG's WebOS

Unlike mobile phones, LG televisions are one of the biggest players in the world. Along with them are Sony and Phillips, who use Android TV in many of their models, and also TCL and Xiaomi, which sweep through users who are looking for a good value for money while keeping the cost adjusted.

LG allowing other brands to use WebOS could make us see models from these manufacturers with Android TV and with WebOS. Maybe that’s the push Google needs to constantly improve Android TV.

The Android TV entry has an unexpected competitor: LG’s WebOS appears first in The Free Android.