Android TV begins to fix his biggest mistake in projectors, starting with Xiaomi

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Android TV is a great system for televisions smart, but not so much on projectors. The reason for this is that this system was not yet officially support Netflix, the biggest streaming service of video in the world. Google has updated the Android TV and now Netflix is officially supported.

If we consider that the major purpose of Android TV is to have a connected system in which to reproduce content, the support for Netflix is just as essential as would be the support for WhatsApp on Android. Yes, it is not something that you use all over the world, but it is the service you are going to use most likely. Projectors with Android TV were not compatible, until now.

Projectors with Android TV will begin to be updated to support Netflix, starting with Xiaomi

If you have a projector with Android TV surely you have noticed, but officially they do not include Netflix. It is something that we review when we tested the best projector of Xiaomi, and that in his day thought that it was a matter of Xiaomi. But nothing could be further from the reality.

To support Netflix official it is necessary for the device to go for a certification, certification, until now there was no past, no projector with Android TV until now. The first manufacturer to achieve this has been Xiaomi.

Android TV begins to fix his biggest mistake in projectors, starting with Xiaomi 1

As highlighted @androidtv_rumor before the notice of update of @Angry_raph on Twitter, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Compact Projector is the first projector to receive this support. This is the projector cheaper of Xiaomi (currently have two models), which have recently arrived to Spain.

If you have this projector with Android TV, you should check their updates to see if it is available, the system update R804, which adds the expected support. On the other hand, if you had interest in getting a projector with Android and the lack of Netflix I missed you back, now is the perfect time for you to get it.

  • My Smart Compact Projector on Amazon for 469 euros.
  • My Smart Compact Projector on the official website of Xiaomi.

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