Android mobiles can monitor our sleep

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Android mobiles can monitor our sleep 1

At no time of the day do we have so many sensors near us as when we use our mobile. We are not only referring to elements such as a camera or the microphone, but to others much more invisible, such as the accelerometer, the brightness sensor of the smartphone screen, the compass …

All these devices, integrated into our mobile, are capable of obtaining a huge amount of data. Thanks to this data, Google creates APIs, programming interfaces, to be able to perform certain actions.

The new Google API allows measuring sleep

This is exactly what the new Sleep API allows, a set of instructions published by Google that will enable the creation and development of applications that can measure our sleep.

Thus, the mobile can measure the quality of our rest in two ways. On the one hand it establishes a query pattern of our dream which is saved at regular intervals of up to 10 minutes. On the other hand, you can create a log of a daily sleep segment that is archived after it is detect an awakening.

These detections are made within the mobile, it does not connect to any server to use external applications.

Android mobiles can monitor our sleep 2

This type of measurement is already carried out by applications such as Sleep as Android. In fact, Google has collaborated with the creator of this app to ensure that the new API does not have excessive battery consumption.

The new API will be available in the latest version of Google Play Services. and will allow creating new applications to control our sleep and thus learn to sleep better.

Obviously, users will have to give them access to the applications to access this data, being something totally voluntary.

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