Android Auto starts getting split screen mode

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Android Auto starts getting split screen mode 1

Among the connected car options in Spain, Android Auto is one of the preferred solutions if we use Android on our mobile. Although Google’s main focus is on Android Automotive, a system that offers a more independent experience, Android Auto continues to receive continuous improvements.

As Google announced last week, among the top six Android releases for spring 2021 was split screen support in Android Auto, which appears to be beginning to reach users.

Split-screen mode starts coming to Android Auto

As we can see on Reddit, the split screen mode has begun to reach Android Auto users, as Google announced a few days ago. This mode uses about three-quarters of the screen for the main application, which will be located on the left side, while the secondary application will be located on the right.

Android Auto starts getting split screen mode 2

Although the image shows how the music application takes center stage on the screen and the map application is on the right, the options are flexible and you can have maps as the main application and music as the second application. What if there would be no margin for customization at the moment would be the management of the size of each window, and that is that the left area, closest to the driver, will be where the large window is, while the smaller one will remain on the right.

Although the rollout of this feature has already begun, it is difficult to determine whether or not you will receive these features. Regarding this feature, Google has only indicated that it is designed for more panoramic screens, but they have not been specific enough to be able to determine what types of devices with Android Auto will support this feature.

The Android Auto entry begins to receive the split screen mode appears first in The Free Android.