Android Auto comes to the legendary bikes, Harley Davidson official

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The world engine has already a history in place. In addition to cars, motorcycles have managed to carve a niche in the history of this industry. Among many brands, there is one that especially stands out for his charisma and his good work: Harley Davidson.

The american company announced a little over a year, its first electric motorcycle, and two months ago, which would be their first electric scooter.

The brand makes it clear that, despite the fact that its history is one of the greatest values, will not stand idly by in the future.

Android Auto comes to the bikes of Harley Davidson

Android Auto comes to the legendary bikes, Harley Davidson official

And in line with this change of trend, Harley Davidson has announced today that it will be the first motorcycle manufacturer to have Android Auto in several models of bikes.

In particular will be the Harley Davidson Touring the bikes that will implement the operating system of Google. To do this will be based on the entertainment system Boom! Box GTS. At the beginning of the summer of 2020, the users of these models will be able to upgrade this system to have Android Auto.

This can be done through a software update by USB manually or by going to an authorized Harley Davidson dealer. Has not been specified if this update will cost, but taking into account that the Google software is free, in theory it should not cost anything, at least if we do it ourselves.

From next year’s Android Auto will come standard on all models Touring of 2021 CVO and Trike bring the system Boom! Box GTS. Yes, it will always use a cable system, so that it is not possible to use the wireless system that has just arrived to Spain.

The entry Android Auto comes to the legendary bikes, Harley Davidson officially appears first in Android Free.