Android apps on Windows? Microsoft is thinking about it

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Until 2017 Microsoft had a desktop operating system, Windows 10, and a mobile one, Windows Phone. That went down in history and currently the Redmond company has Android as its main mobile operating system, even if it is not theirs.

The growth of Android in most countries, as we have seen in Spain for example, made the company rectify, which is now considering going one step further.

2021 will be a year of great changes

Android apps on Windows?  Microsoft is thinking about it 1

As reported by Windows Central, Microsoft is finishing creating the Windows 10 roadmap for next year, and there will be big changes. Launches such as being able to have a subscription to application stores, a computer in the cloud to connect to from anywhere are being studied …

But among all these novelties there is one that can be especially important in the Android world. The firm led by Satya Nadella is considering the possibility of making it possible to install Android apps on Windows 10.

Integrating Android applications natively

Android apps on Windows?  Microsoft is thinking about it 2

Those of you who use Windows 10 computers and Android phones are sure to know the Your Phone app, which allows you to join both devices and share images, SMS, answer calls on your computer, etc.

According to rumors, Microsoft would be thinking of going one step further and allow the installation of applications on their computers. These Android applications would run as they are now run from emulators, but more reliably and efficiently.

It could be a change in the way we run programs within Windows 10, and a great opportunity for developers.

There is still no decision made and, although there is talk of 2021 to make that possibility a reality, we fear that it would arrive in the fall, which is when the big Windows updates see the light.

The entry Android applications on Windows? Microsoft is thinking about it, it appears first in The Free Android.