Android 12L: these are the news of the new version for tablets, folding and Chromebooks

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Android 12L: these are the news of the new version for tablets, folding and Chromebooks

The Android Developer Summit 2021 has been released today with great force. In this conference for developers Google you have made a very powerful announcement about your operating system announcing a new version of Android.

If last week I threw Android 12 now announce Android 12L, releasing a preview of this future adapted version for devices with large screens: tablets, folding and Chromebooks. Hence the ‘L’ of Android 12L, for ‘large’.

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Optimized for large screens

There are currently more than 250 million active Android-based widescreen devices, including tablets, folding and Chrome OS, and more and more consumers are acquiring this type of device, so Google is going to be serious about adapting Android to large screens, which for a few years had focused mainly on mobiles.

Android 12L

With Android 12L, Google will optimize your interface to make it more beautiful and easier to use on large screens, adapting notifications, quick settings, lock screen, home screen and more to these types of devices.

For example, it will display the notification bar and quick settings in a two-column layout, thus taking advantage of the space offered by a larger screen.

The lock screen will also use a two-column design to show the time on the one hand and the notifications on the other, and when we go to unlock the device, the PIN or pattern will appear on the side of the screen that the user touches to make it more accessible. That two-column view will also be used by system settings and more apps.

Android 12L

For foldable devices, Google is optimizing the home screen grid, polishing the fold-unfold transition so that users move seamlessly from the outer screen to the unfolded screen, thus reinforcing continuity.

Powerful and intuitive multitasking

Android 12L premieres a new taskbar so that opening and switching between applications is much easier. Now Android 12 looks more like a desktop operating system. In addition, we will also have drag and drop gestures to open two applications on a split screen, thus enhancing the taskbar. We also have the gestures of switching between applications by sliding with your finger and a gesture to hide / show that taskbar.

Improved compatibility

Android 12l 2L

Google also improves compatibility with those applications that have not yet adapted to large screens. With Android 12L, manufacturers can set the aspect ratio of the application, apply rounded corners to the application window, and set the transparency of the status bar.

More news

Other news that we will find with Android 12L is a new version of Google Play Store, which in addition to optimizing its interface to a large screen is that will highlight all compatible apps and games for tablets, folding cartridges and Chromebooks. Google is adding new quality checks to make sure it recommends the best apps.

Another novelty that Android 12L will try to solve is the orientation of the applications, which sometimes are not shown in the correct orientation of the tablet or folding. For this, Google is adding a new API for developers and manufacturers so that applications are always displayed in the device orientation and not in the default orientation.

Android 12L Developer Preview, availability

Android 12L Developer Preview is available starting today for developers through the Android emulator and development tools so that through the new SDK they can adapt their applications.

Android 12L is also for mobile, but here the news will be much less, since Google is focusing on this version on tablets, folding and Chromebooks. Pixels will receive the first beta of Android 12L in December, just as the company had advanced a few days ago.

Google has announced that Android 12L will officially arrive early 2022, launching this new version for tablets, Chromebooks and folding devices with Android 12.

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Android 12L: these are the news of the new version for tablets, folding and Chromebooks

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