Android 12 could have a one-handed use mode

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Android 12 could have a one-handed use mode

If we look at the evolution of mobile telephony in the last three decades we will see not only the leap from telephones to smartphones, but also the clear increase in the size of the screens.

In Spain, for example, we have as a rule to use mobile phones between 6 and 7 inches, regardless of the price range of the model in question. We have become used to watching videos, making video calls or reading. Small mobiles are not quite convincing.

That is why it is increasingly difficult to use the mobile without using two hands, which is why manufacturers add the one-hand mode in their layers. Yes, because Android does not have it as standard, although that could change.

One-handed mode could come to Android 12

Activate one-handed mode on your Android mobile with this application

As XDA Developers has discovered, Android would be working in a one-hand mode for Android 12, the version that will be released in a stable way in a few months.

In this way, with a gesture we could activate the reduction of the screen size through the software, leaving a black strip on one side and in the upper area, to have a use area of ​​about 4 or 5 inches, something that is possible use one hand.

According to the current code of Android 12, we could activate the function in the settings, in:

  • Settings> System> Gestures> One Hand

It is important to emphasize that this function may not reach the final version since we currently do not have a beta of Android 12, the system being in a very previous phase. And even if it was seen in the beta versions, the option could be eliminated in the final version, although it is something that most brands already have and that Google would do well to implement in the core of the system.

We also do not know if this function would be mandatory for manufacturers. Not all the features of the new versions of Android are mandatory, as we can see in Android 11 and in the absence of the home automation menu in the power menu in brands such as Samsung and Xiaomi.

The Android 12 entry could have a one-handed mode of use appears first in The Free Android.