Android 12 can change the color of all your applications to your liking

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Customize your Huawei mobile to the maximum with your own icons, themes ...

The first preview version of Android 12 should arrive in Spain sometime in February, if Google follows its usual schedule. These weeks some of the functions or improvements that this version of the operating system will include have been filtered, such as hibernating apps or sharing WiFi networks in a simpler way. Also customization will play a prominent role.

Google would be working on a theme system for Android 12, with which to customize the appearance of the apps that use these themes. Users will be able to choose among others the colors that the applications compatible with these themes will use in their interface.

Android 12 will bet on customization

Android 12 themes

Google is working on a native theme system that would arrive with Android 12. This new theme system will allow users to select a primary color and an accent color, which will later be applied to various elements of the interface. It would be a system that goes beyond the present in the Google Pixel, which allowed you to choose between some accent colors that were then applied to some elements in the interface, although they were barely visible.

The great novelty in this theme system is that the colors could be used in other applications on the phone. It would not be mandatory, but Google would allow the developers of these applications to choose whether they want these colors to be used or not in them. Although it could take a long time until all those apps are adapted to support the themes.

Not only could you choose between some colors, but Android 12 would also make it possible to select colors automatically based on your mobile wallpaper at that moment. Those colors will be the ones that are later used in the applications compatible with these themes on the device.

For now there is no confirmation that this theme system will reach Android 12. Google works on this system, but it may take longer to arrive than expected, at least it is good news for customization on phones.

The Android 12 entry can change the color of all your applications to your liking appears first in The Free Android.