Android 11, Xiaomi and MIUI 12: analysis of the best features

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Android 11, Xiaomi and MIUI 12: analysis of the best features

Xiaomi has among its creations one of the most valued Android interfaces, MIUI. Unlike other companies, it does not focus the use of a version exclusively on a variant of Android.

That is, we have been using MIUI 12 in Spain for several months although Android 11 has not arrived until recently in our country.

So, today we want to analyze the advantages of both the interface and Android 11 in the mobile phones of this brand, with the advantages, disadvantages and differences that there are with other firms that we have already analyzed.

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Android 11 news

Xiaomi has made an approximation to Android 11 much less real than we would have liked. Some features are missing, and others don’t always work.

  • Conversations Section– Chat-related notifications will be grouped at the top of the notification curtain. Of course, the Conversations text does not appear above this section.
  • Notification bubbles: The possibility of using the chats in floating windows is, but it does not always work, at least in Telegram. It is true that in this app it is in beta, but in other interfaces of other manufacturers we have not had problems.
  • Resizable PiP mode: we can modify the size of the window in which we see a video if the app supports PiP or Picture in Picture mode. There is, however, a problem here. This only works if we have active control of the system with buttons, not with gestures. It is a bug of MIUI 12 that should be corrected.
  • Better privacy: Android 11 advances in the improvement of privacy with specific permissions, greater control of location …
  • Home automation control: Xiaomi has not implemented this function in the power button, but in a new section of the notification curtain. In order to use it, it is mandatory to activate the Control Center mode, similar to that of iOS.

Android 11, Xiaomi and MIUI 12: analysis of the best features

To this we must add two functions that are not present:

  • Notification history: in this section of the settings, which we cannot activate, we should access the record of all the notifications we have received. In MIUI 12 we have not been able to find it.
  • Shared multimedia widget– When opening two media player apps, they should be stacked so they don’t take up too much space. This is not the case.

News MIUI 12

Android 11, Xiaomi and MIUI 12: analysis of the best features 1

MIUI 12 has dozens of new functions, but the most relevant, and that you will surely use in your day to day, are these.

  • New dark mode: the new dark mode is programmable, it can affect the wallpapers if we want and apply to the apps we choose.
  • New interface in settings: In the settings section we have a new design, with larger visuals and details such as the movement of the liquid in the battery section, which moves as we tilt the phone.
  • Superwallpaper: Animated wallpapers are not new to Android, but those offered by Xiaomi are, with an incredible Zoom in the form of animation when we unlock the mobile.
  • Floating multitasking: when we receive a notification we can make a downward gesture by pressing the screen. That will open the notification in a floating window that we can move, minimize in the upper right corner, or delete. We can also open it from multitasking.
  • Better animations: One of the most striking visual changes is the use of the new system animations, which are more fluid and attract attention, especially if we activate the high refresh rate if we have it available.
  • New camera app– The new camera app includes new filters, the way to clone people in photos and videos, and more new features.
  • Best AoD: the ambient screen or Always on Display has also improved, with more configuration options and integration with Superwallpapers.
  • New weather app: one of the apps integrated in MIUI, the weather one, has been updated with a more refined interface and better animations. In addition, we can share the forecast in a nice image that emulates a Polaroid.

We have also seen that Xiaomi has chosen to put Discover in the left area of ​​the desks, instead of an alternative like OPPO has and OnePlus had before, for example.

Despite all these functions, other views are missing in China, such as the notice on screen when an app used the microphone or camera. The integrated function for monitor sleep and movement.

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