Analysis realme Band: a bracelet basic and very cheap

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Table of Contents

Analysis realme Band: a bracelet basic and very cheap 1

The landing of the ecosystem realme has come from the hand of three new devices: a headset, a watch and a bracelet. This last, the realme Bandis the center of the analysis that concerns us, and it is the accessory of the cheapest of those presented.

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Nice and light

One of the most positive aspects of this product is its design. Is not particularly different from others that we have seen but it certainly does not leave indifferent, with a screen embedded in a core of grey and black that curve slightly and a strap that can be removed by the two sides.

Analysis realme Band: a bracelet basic and very cheap 2

This strap is available in three colors: black, yellow, and military green, the color that we’ve tested. The touch is not bad but note that it is an economical product. The strap is not as stiff as in other bracelets, as the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 or the Honor Band 5.

Analysis realme Band: a bracelet too basic

On the wrist it feels exceptionally light and is that his little more than 20 grams of weight makes that go unnoticed. The water resistance is guaranteed thanks to the certification IP 68 with the that account.

A color screen… non-touch-sensitive

When realme announced the realme Band I have to admit I didn’t disgusted, but I also recognize that I gave for granted that the screen would be touch. Yes, it is true that the price invites us to think that it would not be so, but in such a competitive market this can be a problem.

Analysis realme Band: a bracelet basic and very cheap 3

The form control is using a button capacitive that we have under the screen, but it is somewhat inconvenient to have to press it many times to navigate through the interface.

On the other hand, the brightness of the screen is configurable in the app connection, but it is insufficient when the sun, the same thing happens to the realme Watch.

In terms of the customization of the screen, you can choose from a number of areas, although for the moment the number is very limited. This is something that is likely to increase with time, as we have seen in other models, but starting even 5 is too low.

As a curiosity, there is an option in the app that allows you to change the interface of a vertical alignment to a horizontal one. Perfect if you are one of those that you carry the screen in the interior area of the wrist rather than the outside.

More features that you see on screen

Analysis realme Band: a bracelet too basic

The functions of the bracelet are focused on the sport. We have monitoring of activities, measuring the thigh of the heart, record the quality of sleep…

It also serves as an alarm clock to power alarms, as a timer and even as a reminder of notifications and calls.

All of this can be set in the application realme Link, an app that, as we will see in the next section, is important too.

An app is mandatory to use

Analysis realme Band: a bracelet basic and very cheap 4

One of the aspects that most caught the attention of this bracelet is its extreme dependence of the application realme Link. This app serves to link it to the mobile and configure it, but in addition is forced to modify parameters such as the alarms or the sports that appear in the menus.

Analysis realme Band: a bracelet basic and very cheap 5

By not having a touch screen we depend on this way of introduction of data to be able to modify parameters. The application works well, although it has to load the data each time we open it up to link with the bracelet.

Analysis realme Band: a bracelet basic and very cheap 6

In addition, there are limitations on the number of menus that we can configure, something that we don’t know if it’s due to the memory or not to create a menu infinity in which we will have to sail in a mandatory way with the touch button of the bracelet.

Autonomy is passable, and charging very convenient

Analysis realme Band: a bracelet too basic

The battery of this bracelet moves us away from the chargers about a week. But the most striking thing about this paragraph is that we don’t rely on a cable or charger, but that is the very bracelet which, by removing a portion of the strap, it shows a USB port.

Analysis realme Band: a bracelet too basic

In this way, we can charge the bracelet into a dock USB, on a computer or using the charger with any mobile phone, if before you remove the USB cable, of course.

The price of the realme Band is exceptionally low

Analysis realme Band: a bracelet basic and very cheap 7

Everything could make you think that this product is disposable, that there are better options outside. Well, yes, there are better alternatives, but they are all more expensive.

The realme Band costs 24.99 euroswithout offers or promotions, and that makes it very attractive for those who want something very basic, that does not have benefits that do not end up using and want to spend as little as possible.

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