analysis of this set top box for your TV

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There is no doubt that the Android operating system has come a long way since its launch, and an example of this is that it has a version to be used with televisions. This allows you to manage all the parameters easily with the remote control, and it is the one used by the Media player Youin You-Box. With it, you will take a quality leap when using your Smart TV so that it works better than ever.

Aesthetically this is a device that stands out for two things in particular. The first is that dimensions what you have are very reduced (It even fits in your hand), so you will not have problems when it comes to finding a place to place the accessory near the TV or any niche in a room. Also, its color Matt black fits perfectly in any decoration and it should be noted that on the front it includes a small LED that lets you know if it is working or not. In other words, everything perfectly fulfills its function and this product is not out of place if it is next to a console.

Youin Android TV Box

Another thing that stands out in everything that has to do with the design of this Youin You-Box is at the bottom of the device. Here we find a good number of small but useful perforations that have the task of control the temperature that the equipment acquires when it works (and this is not something unimportant, since using content with 4K resolution the demand is very high). The fact is that they are quite effective, because on few occasions the temperature at which the product reaches can jeopardize its stability, so this is a true of the manufacturer. By the way, it should be noted that a small button is also located here that allows you to completely restore the equipment, in case the flies …

Youin Android TV Box

Without problems regarding the grip of the four legs that are on the equipment, we must comment that the manufacturing material is plastic of a fairly good quality and not many marks left if you handle it.

Connections, everything you need is provided by Youin You-Box

The location of these elements makes a lot of sense and is a success, since a good part of the connections are in the area rear of the player (which is usual and what all users expect), and there are others in the part right. The fact is that you will find everything you need so that you can take full advantage of all the possibilities offered by this product and by extension the Android TV operating system that is inside. You will be able to connect a pendrive with your favorite movies to a large capacity external disk… and this player is much more than it seems.

Youin Android TV Box

We liked and called our attention that to access the Internet you can use both the port Ethernet existing as well as access Wifi integrated and that we have verified that it works quite well in what has to do with the power and coverage that is achieved. So much so, that we have not had special difficulty connecting with the router that is located on another floor of the house. It does not lack either Bluetooth 4.2. This can be thought of as a minor detail, but that is not the case, since among other things it is possible to install games on this device for which a command It is almost a prerequisite to get good results when killing enemies.

Youin Android TV Box

You will also find the port in the back area HDMI which is the one that you will use almost with total security to connect it to your TV or the monitor of the room (something that is possible and that for many will become a perfect solution). This, by the way, ensures practically total compatibility with the televisions on the market and also that the physical connection is very simple, since there is only one position to use the corresponding cable (it must be said, it is included a good quality one with the Youin You-Box itself, so you won’t have to visit a store to get it).

The rest of the available options are as follows:

Rear area

  • Optical digital audio output
  • USB Type-C port
  • AV out
  • 12V outlet

Right side

  • Two USB connections (2.0 and 3.0)
  • Memory card reader

A very good remote control

This is one of the great virtues that players with Android TV operating system have compared to options such as the old Google Chromecasts, and the model we are talking about is no exception … for the better, of course. The fact is that the included remote control is really complete despite being quite small. Thus, for example, they do not lack shortcut buttons to streaming video platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video -the usefulness of this is very high- or those of volume management and channel change. Nor does it lack its own to access the Google voice assistant that uses a microphone that is integrated into this device and that we have found to be the most effective and useful … you will only have to talk to search from movies to applications!

Youin Android TV Box

We think this accessory is quite more complete than the one included in the new chromecast, since in a similar space many more possibilities are included. Of course, it must also be said that for it to be perfect should be flatter in its lower part, because when placed on the table it dances excessively and sometimes when you want to press a button you can fail in the attempt if it is not very precise.

Everything works quite well

The truth is that we have not found major flaws – since almost everything is correct – in the use that can be habitually given to this device, since browsing the operating system and running the different applications that are installed from the Play Store are performs with good fluency. Of course, in some moments a slight click appears when changing the main element that without being especially annoying, it is noticeable. The point is that in general lines it is very convincing the use of the player.

Youin Android TV Box

It must be said that the process of installation includes a assistant that allows you to use the phone to synchronize an account and even be able to access the WiFi that you have at home (which saves a lot of headaches as we have seen), we found it quite simple and in practically 5 or 6 minutes you can have everything available to take advantage of this complete accessory.

Playback of content with Youin You-Box

Thanks to the fact that quite good hardware is included, in which you will find 2 GB RAM and a processor that works at 1.9 GHz, play content Full HD and 4K It is something that is done in a fluid way and without showing delays at any time. This also has an important influence on the version of the Google operating system you use is Android TV 10, the most modern that exists and that is a completely differential detail. In addition, if you decide to install applications (where we have verified that the games do not work especially badly if they are not very complex), you should know that there are eight gigabytes of storage space inside that can be expanded by using microSD cards up to 32 GB … come on, it is perfectly served.

Youin Android TV Box

Without excessive problems when it comes to run cloud platform applications (although with HBO the reproductions made some jumps until a small update of the app itself), with the rest of the options that are currently used, everything has worked perfectly with this Youin You-Box. Even the execution of games that are not particularly complex due to their graphics, we found it quite convincing the performance.


Taking into account everything that we have commented and making it clear that you will not have any problem in relation to the audio either, since the compatibility with technologies such as Dolby and DTS is present (and when tested with a sound bar the operation has been quite good), we have to say that this device is a very complete solution to very clearly improve the user experience you have with the home TV … if it does not have an operating system as God intended, as Android TV does.

Very simple to install and with more than enough options to be a good purchase, it should also be noted that there is a receiver inside this device Chromecast It works without problems so you can send content from phones and tablets. The truth, and considering that you have to pay less than 70 euros To buy it, this Youin You-Box is one of the options that you should check when buying a multimedia player since it offers a very good quality / price ratio.