Analysis of the iTube application that allows listening to music from YouTube

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Table of Contents

Unless you have the paid version of YouTube, there are some restrictions on the use of the Google client. And therefore it is normal to look for options alternatives remove them. The work we are talking about offers a lot of possibilities that make it a substitute and therefore we think it is worth a try. In addition, it has the virtue of being very simple to use since everything is controlled with the lower ribbon of the screen (although it is true that not having a translation into Spanish penalizes you a bit).

What is sought with this work is to create playlists taking into account a specific search for a song or group and, in addition, it is also possible to use the sections created by the development itself, ranging from rock music or the eighties. In the tests we have created, we have to say that, efficiency offered by iTube is very high, since the success in genre and time is perfect-… yes, we are not talking about recommendations like the ones that exist in developments such as Spotify.

When it comes to compatibility and stability, all we can say is good. On the one hand, the terminal is entry-level (such as those with 2 GB of RAM) there is no problem for this work to be executed with solvency. Also, there is no glitch in the execution with unexpected stops or, when used in background which is one of the great features that iTube has, there are no errors that make the software not an important help. We quite liked that a usage management card is generated on the lock screen as in the notification area, which always increases the ease with which everything is achieved.

Hassle-free when using iTube

Once you have the list that has been generated, you need an Internet connection as is logical to think, everything is quite simple since you can to choose any of the existing songs individually or let each and every one of them play in a traditional way. At the top is where the controls common in the Android operating system, with additions such as being able to establish randomness when using iTube or that everything is used continuously.

If you press twice on the screen, you access a player interface, which is the one that usually exists in this type of application. But there is a small strip at the top of the song list (or in the lower area if you are in “full screen” mode) that allows you to search for the songs. letters of the current song or putting a time limit so that development is turned off … which avoids problems by falling asleep.

Some more things about this job

One of the important is that a record is kept historical of the reproductions, so it is possible to find something that has been soda for a while and you want to use (by the way, this cache can be cleared, so the privacy is high). Besides, there is an option to favorites where songs are placed in a list and, if desired, it can be used without having to search the search screen or the pre-generated lists. Finally, it should be noted that it is possible to access the information on YouTube with the bill of each user, which is always a nice addition to iTube.