Analysis of the game Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects for Android

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This is one of those developments that are perfect for the downtime that you have from time to time and that do not require a lot of activity on the part of users … but that does require a lot of attention since visual acuity It is one of the great requirements that are demanded to succeed in this job. The fact is that for these reasons and because there is no violence whatsoever, this title is one that fits perfectly with children since the challenges are not difficult to learn and, in addition, the operation is perfect -and without errors- in terminals that have 2 GB RAM… Come on, there are few current models where it cannot be executed.

Playing Mystery Manor: Items

Something to keep in mind is that work technical that has been made in Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects is Excellent, since the graphics are of a high quality and perfectly represent the environments found in the old mansions (very Cluedo type, which always ensures that it is recognizable). The fact is that this is achieved without resorting to three dimensions, which also allows the temperature of the terminal in which the development is executed. If you wonder about the usability, This is Excellent since you simply have to press on the touch screen on the corresponding buttons or in the places where it is believed that there is something that has been located.

Fun with many options Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects

The first is something that is achieved by a good fusion with different options and challenges, since on the screens where objects are hidden there are many places where they can be … and, unlike other titles, nooks and crannies existing ones are used and this becomes quite a challenge. In addition, there are times when the name of the element to be located is not entered, and only the contours are seen … which is quite a challenge.

The point is to find clues to solve the mysteries that surround a good story, everything has to be said. By the way, it is most interesting to indicate that the steps to take are linear, so if you can’t solve a room (time is the great enemy), you will have to repeat the level over and over again until you get it. And by the way, the texts of the game are important to take into account … and here it should be noted that these are fully translated (So ​​sound is not important at all in Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects).

Puzzle in the game Mystery Manor: Objects

Different things in this game

One of the things that is important is that there are different puzzles additional in Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects, since for example it is possible to find clues when solving additions that are similar to Candy Crush type titles. In addition, the options help are some of them novel, since apart from having the one that allows to unveil an object that chokes, there are others like bombs that make many unveil. The download of this development is done in Galaxy Store and Play Store for free.