Analysis of the free game for Android Taxi Driver Sim

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This is the basic idea of ​​this interesting game where three-dimensional graphics are not lacking, with a higher quality than one might think at first, since the hardware requirement is not excessive due to the fact that we have done tests with devices that have 3 GB and the operation is optimal. In addition, it must be taken into account that this is a title that is very easy to use, since the controls that exist on the touch screen are more than enough to be able to drive in the best possible way around the city and, even, not you are going to have trouble finding the destination, since there is a map in the lower area that allows you to know the route you must follow.

Taxi Driver Sim game interface

As we have indicated in Taxi Driver Sim, the objective is to complete different routes to take clients so that they remain as satisfied as possible so that they pay you the maximum possible and give you good experience points. Contrary to other titles such as the mythical Crazy Taxi, going crazy in the city is not always the best idea, since you will find users with specific instructions such as not exceeding a certain speed or that you do not have no hit. If you do not comply with this, subtract your fees and satisfaction will go down. remarkable (and this is something basic in some of the games).

The game modes that this title has are two: one allows you to enjoy a map in question that has its own challenges, which is quite useful when enjoying when you do not have much time. There is also the so-called Mode race which is the most complete and in which you have to go constantly completing and journeys with good satisfaction in order to improve (and accessing new options that are present in this development and that make it quite interesting).

Important things of Taxi Driver Sim

One of the basic ones is that you know that there is a garage in which you can improve the taxi you have in the beginning, even giving it very curious touches in the aesthetic section, to being able to buy new vehicles with it. money that you win and that they will be much more powerful and will avoid the difficulties that you will encounter on the roads as you progress through the aforementioned Career Mode. And, all this, if not a great need to access the Internet unless you want to buy more money … something that is possible allows you to move faster.

With great simplicity in what has to do with the handling of the car, and with enough care to do not skip the traffic rules as long as there is a nearby police car (this can stop you and generate a delay that will result in you not being able to comply with the established route in the marked time). It should be noted that Taxi Driver Sim is not translated, but the truth is that this is a minor detail in the game we are talking about, since the dependence on the language is not very high.

Driving in Taxi Driver Sim

A download we recommend

Taking up very little storage space and being a completely valid option even for the smallest of the house as long as you have enough skill to drive the car, you should know that you can download and install this title in a free both in the store Galaxy Store like in Play Store. Therefore, we believe that it is quite worth giving it a try.