Analysis of the free game Cookie Run: OvenBreak for Android

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One of the positive things about this game is the simplicity of use that it has (and that the interface is not translated, which when moving through the menus is important). The fact is that when playing you just have to press a couple of buttons at the bottom of the screen: one for jumping and one for crouching. In this way, you avoid all the obstacles that appear in your way … always with a horizontal movement. The fact is that in less than five minutes you know perfectly how to control everything in Cookie Run: OvenBreak.

Levels in the game Cookie Run: OvenBreak

If you wonder about the technical section of the game, things are positive for two reasons. On the one hand the music is much better than usual in this type of development, and we have not had to remove it, since it has been quite entertaining. In what has to do with graphics, the creations are striking and for this we do not resort to three dimensions. This allows for excellent compatibility, and in testing we have achieved optimal performance on models with 3 GB (but with two it also works fine). The point is that you don’t have to use a particularly powerful Android device to enjoy this development.

Options that Cookie Run has: OvenBreak

This is a title of platforms, so there is no complication when it comes to being clear that you must jump what is low and crouch if you see something that is high or comes from above. The point is that you have to get away before being taken to the oven to be toasted … because you are a cookie. As a theme it is not very new, but the truth is that with the graphics it has a quite funny touch. The truth is that it is quite interesting and for all audiences.

Cookie Run Level: OvenBreak

There is no lack of additional options to those purely to overcome the levels, such as getting new protagonists who have different characteristics and who make the juice time offered by Cookie Run: OvenBreak very high, since there is a lots of levels to overcome. Besides, as usual in this type of game, there is no lack of additional options that are obtained in the middle of the game, such as power-ups or coins with which it is possible, among other things, to raise the level and therefore be faster and resistant to shocks.

Win in the game Cookie Run: OvenBreak

The truth is that this is quite a game fun and simple, where skill is what will allow you to get better brands to know if you are one of the best players in the world, since there is a list where it is possible to know this.

A final detail that is excellent

If everything we have mentioned seems interesting to you and you want to try this game, you should know that you download it in stores such as Galaxy Store Y Play Store is done for free… So you don’t lose anything by trying it and, surely, you will give it a good time on your device in case you have some downtime when you want to have fun with your Android.