Analysis of the free Android application Forecastie

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Table of Contents

The truth is that it is not nothing complicated the use of this app, which is always good news, since sometimes developers go out of their way to offer the maximum in their work. But, in this case, it looks to the point. The fact is that viewing the information is simple, since the texts are of a good size, and are accompanied by drawings so that the forecast is known in a very visual way. In addition, it should be noted that Forecastie is translated, so there is no doubt when accessing the different menus that exist.

The interface consists of an upper area where you can see the weather in the place where you are (it is possible to use the location for this) or a specific place for which there is a search engine that makes everything very simple. At the bottom of the screen there is more data for that day at different times and, as it cannot be otherwise, there are tabs that give the option to review the forecast for the next few days. That is, the commonly searched dataBut it is not that this makes the work we are talking about differential either.

Good Forecastie Accuracy

In the days that we have tested the app we are talking about, it has become very clear that the information we have is accurate, even in the range of hours in which rainfall is expected. Therefore, the utility of this development is quite high. The same thing happens in the following days, and the good thing is that as the database used by Forecastie is constantly being accessed -this can be configured in the Settings-, the changes that occur for whatever reasons (for example, the change of wind), are reflected automatically.

One of the things that has caught our attention about this application is that it works really well with terminals that are not very powerful. In our opinion, having a model with Android that has 2 GB of RAM, the operation is perfect. We have not found any fault or action that makes the operating system work worse. Therefore, it must be said that their compatibility is perfect and that there is no one who cannot use Forecastie on their Android phone.

Some additional things about this application

Without being the one that shows the most information of all those of the same type, but with data such as the time of dawn or the UV index of the place where you are (ideally this in summer), it should be noted that It is possible to access both graphs and maps that shed more light on the weather conditions anywhere in the world.

An example of what we say is that you can see a graph showing how temperatures and precipitation evolve, which makes it possible to make more precise output decisions; And, with regard to the maps you can see exactly the places in the world where it is raining thanks to a code of transparent colors that are added. Good options that improve the use of Forecastie.

If you want to get this development free, you can do it both in Galaxy Store like in Play Store. And this is something that also ensures great simplicity and security in the installation process, which is always important.