Analysis of the Adobe Spark authoring application for Android

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There are quite a few virtues that we have discovered that this app offers, both in its paid version and in the free version (which is the one chosen for the test). One of the ones that we think is more interesting to comment on is that the simplicity offered by Adobe Spark is excellent. On the one hand it includes a very intuitive interface and clear, in which all you have to see is in the center area and the action tape is displayed at the bottom … therefore, there is no loss. In addition, and this is something important this work completely translated. Therefore, it is all good news.

It should be noted that this application includes a side menu, but it is not very relevant to jump between the options that are included, which are many considering that we are talking about a free version that, surely, will invite you to make the jump to the payment (which has an associated monthly fee). By the way, it should be noted that when testing the app it has become clear to us that it is not exactly a job that works perfectly in an entry-level model, since it is appropriate to use one with 3GB RAM minimum which is logical due to the type of work it does.

What you can do with Adobe Spark

There are quite a few possibilities that you will find in this development, since for example it is possible to change the colors predominant that exist in the image you choose (all the ones you have on your phone or tablet can be used). In addition, you have the possibility to generate collages or add texts or watermarks, so it is a good option to customize everything you want to use on your website or social networks.

But if there is something that is positive in Adobe Spark, it is that it includes a section that allows you to manage the dimensions of the image (as well as the orientation). In this way, you can generate a thumbnail for a YouTube video to create your own platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. And this, simply with a press of the screen. And, it must be said that the results are excellent since no quality is reduced or pixelation appears. This is a great option and one that makes this development completely different from its rivals in the market.

Get the app now

If you want to get Adobe Spark right now, a job that allows you to share your creations in a simple way using its own tool that is in Android, you should know that the free version can be obtained both in Galaxy Store (here with a custom version for Samsung) as in Play Store. Without a doubt, and due to the tests we have carried out, we believe that this is a development that allows you to achieve take a qualitative professional leap important to be much better in everything that has to do with the multimedia creation that you do in your day to day.