Analysis and opinion of the free MP3 cutter application

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What is achieved with this development is that you cut an MP3 file that you have stored on your device exactly at the point what you want and like. Therefore, when you have the corresponding result, you can use the file as a tone and even to be what it sounds when the alarm is activated. Therefore and as we have commented, it is an excellent way to personalize the device you have. By the way, this application also allows to share with other users easily the resulting file.

One of the things that is important to know about MP3 cutter is that it is very simple of using. Since among other things it is translated (but in that way, since the words chosen are not all the best) which is always a fairly positive detail. Another interesting thing in this section is that the Interface that uses this development is quite interesting, since it is easy to understand due to the fact that the action tape is in the lower area completely accessible with one hand. In addition, the representation of the timeline is very striking and easy to manipulate.

Good options in MP3 cutter

Well, they are the ones that are usually needed from an app of this type. An example of what we say is that choosing the part of the music file is very simple and intuitive, since you simply have to move some vertical elements with your finger and place one at the beginning and another at the point where you want the resulting file to finish. Once this is done, and seeing that the duration is adequate, you can check how good what was chosen with a button in the lower area. The truth is that there is no complication in the process.

Once everything is well tied, and using the Save option, you access a new screen, which contains the options that you must use to set up the resulting file in MP3 cutter (which is WAV form so that there are no compatibility problems with all phones and tablets). You simply have to use the option that interests you and accept so that the configuration is carried out correctly automatic. More management options in MP3 cutter? Well, we have to say no, so we are talking about a basic app with the good and the bad that this has.

Get this application for your Android

Here’s good news, as You do not have to pay anything to download the development safely and performing a process that does not have any complications. With an almost ridiculous size, and without being demanding on the hardware necessary to operate (with having a quad core processor MP3 cutter works perfectly), the truth is that this is a development that is worth using and always having it available.